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Greetings from Tinseltown, Fred Turd the Movie Nerd here. In honor of the slew of superhero movies out now, and all those coming our way in the next few years, I thought it would be fun to list the Most Fuckable Movie Superheroes in anticipation of this weekend’s The Dark Knight. So the staff of has compiled a list of the movie superheroes we’d most like to fuck.

10 – Alicia Silverstone – Batgirl (Batman & Robin)

Sure, the movie sucked ass, but Alicia Silverstone looked damn sexy in that skin-tight Batgirl costume. Grrr!

9 – Chris O’Donnell – Robin (Batman Forever & Batman & Robin)

The cheesy one-liners aside, Chris O’Donnell was every girl, and gay guy’s fantasy. Holy, woody Robin!

8 – Christopher Reeve – Superman (Superman 1-4)

Forget Brandon Routh. This incredibly sexy superman didn’t have to sleep with the director to get the job.

7 – Hugh Jackman – Wolverine (X-Men 1-3 & the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

What girl (or guy) didn’t wanna lick the sweat off that hard and hairy chest?

6 – Halle Berry – Catwoman (Catwoman)

Sure, the movie raped the comics and Halle Berry’s skimpy costume was an insult to women everywhere, but I’m sure teen boys across the country had a few wet dreams about this pussy. Meow!

5 – Helen Slater – Supergirl (Supergirl)

Deliciously innocent and extremely fuckable at the same time, Helen Slater will always be Supergirl to us.

4 – Jane Fonda – Barbarella (Barbarella)

Sure, she’s ancient now, and lost all credibility since acting with J Hoe and Lizzie Lohan, but back in 1968, she was the sex goddess even our moms wanted to fuck.

3 – Robert Downey Jr. – Iron Man (Iron Man)

Training five days a week and practicing martial arts for his role as Tony Stark, Downey Jr. has never looked better, even when covered in grease and looking like he smells.

2 – Eric Bana – The Hulk (Hulk)

Bana looked fuckable even as a crappy CGI monster. He puts Ed Norton’s Hulk to shame.

1 – Christian Bale – Batman (Batman Begins & The Dark Knight)

With his charming good looks and killer body, Bale is the epitome of the fuckable superhero. We all want this hunk to make us scream “fuck me, daddy.”

Runner Up:
Ron Perlman – Hellboy (Hellboy and Hellboy II)

With his perfect abs and sexy arms, this red demon makes us all horny, baby.

Agree? Disagree? Other thoughts? Please comment below.

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  1. where jessica alba(fantastic four)? besides the young jane fonda jessica which is the closest.  jessica is the most fuckable woman movie superheroe.

  2. I definitely agree with those! But what about Spiderman? He’s so hot! Always shooting creamy white webs on everything…….haha. (He’d be even hotter if played by Jake Gyllenhaal……..MM!)

  3. I agree with your list but you forgot the original Cat Woman, Julie Numar. She was hot!!!

  4. Oh mai gaaaaaaah!

    I have that Robin poster! i was 10 yrs old and i was making out with it and kissing it all over!

    even the woody! ha!!!

  5. what about tobey maguire (spiderman)   or  jessica alba  and that human torch kid in fantastic 4,,,    brandon roush  (the newest superman)   

  6. Love your list! I thought I was the only one who got wet watching Hellboy. I bet sex with the devil would be HOT! lol

  7. La Helen Slater!!!!!! That was a hit in Tijuana. Her tits looked amazing in that outfit. I MISS SUPERGIRL!!!


  9. Michelle Pheiffer was a better Catwoman. And George Clooney was the hottest Batman!

  10. michelle pfeiffer is was the hottest catwoman of them all. george clooney was a joke. jessica alba is too cute to fuck. thats raquel welch in One million years BC, whom is a 100x hotter than jane fonda. you should do the hottest super villians too.
    i would start with Kelly Hu as Lady Deathstrike

  11. What? No Hancock? You’re a racist.

  12. Hi everyone, I did accidentally have a picture of Raquel Welch instead of Jane Fonda. I’ve changed the picture, thanks for whoever pointed that out.

    Also, I’ve gotten some emails that Jessica Alba should be on the list. Well, if the bitch admitted she was Latina, I would gladly put her on. But as long as she’s racist to her own people, will not support her.

  13. Oh, I soooo agree with Honda Box! You guys have to do the hottest villains!!!

  14. How come there are no brothas? I’m just playin’. Were Will Smith and Charlize Theron really considered superheroes?

  15. I’m so excited about the villain list now. Heath ledger has to be in it!

  16. Yep. Bale’s where he should be… ~number one.

  17. Love You Fred Turd!! for the response on why La Yessica Ain’t on your list. That Beesh is also on my shit list.  🙂

  18. hello chris evans so hott!!

  19. Hey, what happened to the Hulk?

    I don’t mean Bruce Banner, I mean THE HULK!

    That would be like being fucked by a Gorilla.

    Jane likes.

  20. Out of them all…Red’s the hottest one. Litterally. He’s got it all, horns, red skin, a body…and he’s packin well…

  21. Was Barbarella considered a Super Hero? Who knew?!?!

    What happened to George Clooney as Batman? I’m drooling just thinking about him.


  23. Um, hello?  What about WonderWoman (Lynda Carter)?

  24. Had this been Most Fuckable ‘TV’ Superheroes, Lynda Carter would have been included. But, as you can see, I have only included ‘Movie’ Superheroes.

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