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I was planning to write only about English musician, El Nick Drake, until I found out that Nick was Heath Ledger’s obsession. Nick Drake was a multi-talented musician who failed to find a wide audience during his lifetime. El Drake had no clue that one day he was going to rank as one of the most influential English singer-songwriters of the last 50 jeers, que triste! If he did, he probably wouldn’t have suffered from severe depression and insomnia. Heath Ledger was known to suffer from major insomnia, he slept only 2 hours a day! Eben before his role as El Yoker. I teenk it’s normal though for artists. Even La Coacha suffers from this, pero I wouldn’t call it severe. Let me tell joo though, once I make lots of money, depression can kiss my brown ass goodbye!!! Insomnia on the other hand, I really don’t mind (weenk weenk). Ebery artist goes through this, IS HOLLYWOOOOD!

Anyways, after Nick’s third album, 1972’s Pink Moon, he gave up on the world and yust decided to shill at his mama’s and papa’s house. That’s where he died from an oberdose (yust like Heath Leger). Joo know what sucks? In 2000, Bolkswagen featured a track from Pink Moon in a commercial, and within one month Drake had sold more records than he had in the prebious thirty jeers!!! Later that jeer, BBC aired a radio documentary about Drake, and it was narrated by El Brad Pitt!

Ok, so here is the creepy part. Exactly a jeer ago, Heath Ledger said, “I was obsessed with an artist by the name of Nick Drake. I was obsessed weed his story and his music and I pursued it for a while and I still have hopes to kind of tell his story one day”. AHHHHHHH, CREEPY!!! How the hell did Coacha accidently discover this tooday, and how the hell did Heath Ledger say this exactly a jeer ago???

Supposedly, El Heath Ledger was so obsessed that he created and acted in a music bideo set to Drake’s song about depression called, “Black Eyed Dog”–a title “inspired by El Weenston Shurshill.

I couldn’t find the bideo, pero someone made a tribute to both guys…RIP.

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  1. Heath tended to become very focused when he discovered a talent.  His use of the word obsession only meant he took the time to learn about and from them, and learn their music, film-making style, writing (whatever that person did).  He loved to explore the human condition, emotions, and learn from them.  Heath was one of SEVERAL artists who did videos or artistic representations for Nick Drake’s estate, which was coordinating a traveling retrospective at the time.

    Heath’s tragic passing is not even remotely similar to Nick Drake’s.  Heath’s was an accident. He had medicines for legitimate medical reasons.  I wish I could be more specific, but I won’t.  Heath was extremely private, but there was nothing scandalous.  It’s such a shame that people still want to believe there was. 

    He contacted mutual acquaintances in late December, and he was happy and content. And excited about directing his new film, becoming a chess grandmaster, walking the great wall of China for charity, and looking forward to seeing the Dark Knight open.   He was looking forward to so much, it’s a horrible tragedy that his life was accidentally cut short when he was on the horizon of experiencing the greatest year.  Fortunately, when he left, he left after finally achieving confidence about his talents and skills.

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