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Eva Mendes graces the cover of Marie Claire‘s March 2012 issue, on newsstands Tuesday (February 14).

Here’s what the Cuban-American actress had to share:

On working with boyfriend Ryan Gosling:
“He’s your dream costar. I have never felt so creatively satisfied on a film.”

On body image: “It doesn’t matter what you have or what you look like. It’s something everyone has to work at. I realize I have contributed to a certain happy, healthy, empowered image, but that’s not all of me. I feel it’s important to let women know that I have similar struggles. What I tell girls is what they don’t like about themselves now, they will probably end up loving as an adult, because that’s what happened to me. When I am complimented on things that I didn’t like when I was 13, like my overbite and my mole, that’s when you realize that your imperfections are why people love you

On on her beauty secrets:
Workout: “I run four to five times a week, mixing it up among distance running, intervals on a track, and running uphill on a treadmill.”
Diet: “I don’t eat meat and stopped eating chicken — my skin has gotten a lot better.”
Go-to outfit: “I’m not a big jeans girl. Usually when I go out, it’ll be in a dress — something floral or ultrafeminine.”
Hair: “I have big, wavy, crazy hair, so it works best for me when I let it be. Here’s a trick I learned from my mother: If your hair is a little greasy and you don’t have the time to shampoo, put some baby powder at the roots and at the ends. It gives you that ’70s textured look.”
Beauty: “I like Dr. Perricone products, which have a minimum of ingredients and really work. I also use Laura Mercier’s moisturizing foundation and eyeshadows. I’m not a fan of red lipstick — I go for anything peachy or pinky.”

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