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Check out the latest La Coacha parody!

La Coacha as Rihanna, Tina Turner, Kanye West, the ghost of Bob Marley, and his backup singers.

The top picture is from Rihanna’s music video with a fake Chris Brown. The bottom is from La Coacha’s parody with a fake Drake tattoo (Yolo). We all know how much Chris Brown and Drake hate eachother!


La Coacha’s version of the song is available on iTunes!

Here is the Behind the Scenes footage:

2 Responses to “ Rihanna “Diamonds” Music Video featuring Kanye West, Tina Turner and the ghost of Bob Marley! ”

  1. lub it!

  2. i think u should do a music video with don cheto “ganga style”

    🙂 u r hilarious

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