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The Cuban singer recently shot the music video for “Gangsta” in her hometown, which captures scenes from her haunting audio tale.
“It was really important for me to film this video in Miami because this is my hometown. I think the richness and the culture, the colors, the stories, it just felt right,” said Kat.

La Dahlia is a natural born storyteller whose material comes directly from the hard knocks that life has served her. “My songwriting is all stories. It’s influenced by a lot of blues, Elvis, and the Buena Vista Social Club, which are all made up of stories,” she says.

The Cuban American was born and raised in Miami. Kat’s unique sound is a sizzling mix of Latin, hip-hop and reggae. At 15, she began writing her own music and started waitressing at 18 to independently fund studio sessions, a music video and EP, proving to be a self-reliant hustler.

Check out the BTS below! For the official music video click HERE! No doubt, this girl is gangsta!

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  1. she;s hot

  2. She looks like Demi Moore in the Che scene.

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