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We went to La Dita’s show at the Casa de Blues and it was perfección! The programa art was a bella drawing of our Libra. We know where Katy Perra gets her retro inspiración from!

My favorito performance was “The Bird of Paraiso” where La Libra was a tropical pajarita who took a chower in the cage!!!

(Foto credit:  El Todd Williamson)

Dita also did her iconic numeros like “La Cowgirl Rosa” and…

(Foto credit:  El Todd Williamson)

of course “La Martini!”

(Foto credit: El Todd Williamson)

The last numero was also a sweet sopresa. I like to call it “La China Chichona!” Totally worth our dinero!

Gracias Princesa Didi for a good time and for being nice to jur fans! Dita has more than juan million Twitteros pero has the time tu read all those tweets =)

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  1. stunning!!!

  2. Omg, so pretty.

  3. I’m learning lots of Spanish lol

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