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La Coacha getting makeup done at 2009 American Music Awards

La Coacha at 2009 American Music Awards @ Nokia Theatre

La Coacha at 2009 American Music Awards @ The Nokia Theatre La Coacha at 2009 American Music Awards Red Carpet


La Coacha and Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton and Melody from the Pussycat Dolls @ 2009 AMAsPerez Hilton at 2009 American Music AwardsLa Coacha and Bobby Trendy at 2009 American Music Awards

La Coacha, Bobby Trendy at 2009 American Music Awards!

La Coacha, 2009 American Music Awards

La Coacha at 2009 American Music Awards

I wore Baytobin’s bynil record on my head as a hat!!! Que cool was that??? I got compliments from all the stars como Shakira, Leona Lewis, Selenaz Gomez, Black Eyed Peez, Green Day, and eben Nicole Kidman’s husband!!! Random people were taking pictures of my hat, including Yay-Z’s DJ, who tweeted it. Gracias to the creative mind behind Bijou Van Ness!. I’m getting another hat custom made by her!!

Sadly, I ron hab any interbiews becoz I was part of the Ey-M-Eyz pre-chow and…long story. There is footage of Perez saying something to me when I was away. My crew ron want me to see it. They said is bad news. Oh, oh. What could it be????

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  1. Jooo lookin’ gawjuss mami!

  2. I read on twitter from Perez to you : youre fired!
    I hope not!!!
    youre the queen :*

  3. Jellou may little princess!! Y really lob your show and all the things you do 4 Perez, both are an amazing couple, I’m a HOT mexican girl soo.. Thaat’s why I love you more, still being that CHICA LOCAA MAMIEEETA!!! And never loosee your way okay mamie?
    Since tuxtla gutierrez chiapas, xox <3
    P.S “que papa diosito take care of u siempre”

  4. honey you are hot hot

  5. Barbie doll

  6. There won’t be a video of the red carpet? Noooo I was waiting for it, but I hope you get more chances to assist to this kind of events now that you teamed up with Perez, it would be great to see you at the Grammys mami jajaja

    saludos desde Monterrey, Mexico

  7. ay pero que lindo tu vestido!!!

  8. [...] I dropped this off to Patron as his X-mas gift. It was designed by Bijou Van Ness, the same designer who designed by Beytoben butterfly binyl record for Los Ey-M-Eyz.  [...]

  9. first this is seleana nd she need respect nd dnt get mhee started w/ her songs knw everyone of them :( saddd MISS HER :( (TEARS )

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