Posted by: La Coacha on Sunday, December 5th, 2010 to Project Run-Away


So, ay went to the 2010 Yingle Ball fiesta at the Nokia dressed como a Christmas tree. It was designed by Maurice Soudjian (Tia Kuka’s ex-hubby.)

Ay ran into my bess fren, Katy Perdy. Chee toll me that ay copied her!!! Ay had NO CLUE Katy wore diss. Great minds teenks alike!


Pero, ay toll her that chee copied my candy dress and chee DID hab a clue that ay wore that. Gracias berry mosh =)

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  1. hahaha las dos locas. I love you both

  2. You go gurl

  3. Yours looks better Coacha ;)

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  5. You look Chula no matter what you wear. but I luv the Christmas tree dress very Mexican Looking. Ay tu.

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