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myaMya Mya's dancers backstage at Cherry PopalcoholMyamyala-coacha-and-mya-at-cherry-pop

We seriously had the bess time Saturday noche at Sherry Pop! We were dreenkeeng, laffing, danceeng and Livin’ La Vida Coacha!

Ay introduced the bella and talentosa Mya! We also performed La Lady Marmalada toogether and we had con fedi falling down!

After the chow, we went to a BIP section and were danceeng w/ all the Danceeng weed the Estars people!! They came out to support their chica!

Myita’s manager, La Mike Killmon, kept telling all the producers of the chow that La Coacha needs to be on Dancing con las estrellas! Agghh, imagine!

To be 100% honest, ay had so mosh more fun being at the Sherry Pop then being at the boring ass Grammyz! 

Here are fotos from our music bideo choot!

8 Responses to “ Back Estage con Majesty Mya! ”

  1. I was there! It was so fun. Mya looked amazing. Coacha you rocked the house. I want you to introduce me when I’m famous, lol. 

  2. Where is this Cherry Pop place that everyone talks about? I can’t find it. 

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  4. Yay coacha!

  5. Girl, I was there screaming your name!!!!

  6. You Rock!!!

  7. shes got something very special thats for sure

  8. Ay si, La Coacha en DWTS es un buen idea! From his lips to the producers’ ears!
    And yes, Mya is so talented and so beautiful. Just lovely.

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