Posted by: Don Deportus on Friday, February 4th, 2011 to Chisme

Our beloved Purple Swan finally reunited with Ryan Gosling. Well…sorta. Watch for some giggles!

And for those who keep asking, the purple dress is by Unique Vintage.

4 Responses to “ La Coacha pokes fun of Black Swan at the 2011 Critics’ Choice Awards ”

  1. I love it!!!!!  you will get your gorgeous twin.hahah

  2. Yelling “Peggy Bundy” to Sofia Vergara had me in stiches. And those Mickey Mouse maracas. Girl, nobody else would do that. Thanks for the lols. 

  3. I’m a perfectionist and then kills herself. Haha. People who haven’t watched the Black Swan won’t get it, but then again who hasn’t watched the Black Swan.

  4. I love your makeup, crown, wand and that fluffy purple dress. Fierce fashion!

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