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Lady Gaga

Story by Eric Elizondo

On Monday night Lady Gaga played to a sold out arena in Mexico, she kept on singing and dancing her a** off even though it was raining. Mexico was buzzing with the news of Gaga being in the country and even journalist Joaquin Lopez-Doriga tweeted  the message below which caused LORD GAGA to become a trending topic on twitter.

“¿Y con Lady Gaga, vendrá Lord Gaga?”

“Will Lord Gaga come along with Lady Gaga?”

What made this Monsterball special is that she not only performed “Born This Way” and her new single “Judas” but she also treated her Mexican Little Monsters to “Americano”. This what she told NME Magazine about the song and it’s story

“ Told as a love story between Gaga and a girl from L.A., this is an acid house-fuelled Mexican-themed footstomper. “This was my first proper collaboration with Fernando Garibay and White Shadow. Labels had been telling Fernando to tone down his mexican influences, but here, we really brought them out. It was when Prop 8 was overturned in California. The immigration law was passed in Arizona, houses were being raided for immigrants, some of whom had been here for 20 years. America was once the land of the free, and now we’re telling everyone to get the fuck out”

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