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It looks like Spencer and Sarah have embarked on their very first celebrity couple feud and we’re loving it!

You may have seen over the weekend Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag slammed Virgin Mobile’s own Sparah in an article featured on the front page of TMZ. They claim that Sparah is stealing their likeness and, “It’s obvious they want to be like us!”

TMZ writes:

If you haven’t seen the commercials … Virgin Mobile’s new ad campaign is built entirely around a fakeHollywood couple called “Sparah” — a mashup of the names Spencer and Sarah — and Pratt is pissed he and Heidi have become the target of a national joke … with no paycheck to show for it.

According to Spencer, Speidi’s getting ripped off — telling us, “They should being paying for using our likeness. It’s obvious they are trying to be us.”

Pratt doesn’t stop there — adding, he and Heidi “hate” Sparah … “It’s nuts how much [Virgin is] promoting them, when they are obviously copying us.”

Sparah’s publicist released a comment in response to Speidi saying:

“Spencer and Sarah are flattered by the growing interest in the campaign. However, the couple currently has no time to comment due to their pressing endorsement commitments with Virgin Mobile and their frequent interactions with REAL celebrities.”

Chisme Time!

6 Responses to “ Speidi versus Sparah! ”

  1. La coacha should be the spoke person of virgin mobile.

  2. Too damn funny. I knew Spencer Pratt would be bitching. 

  3. Speidi was not created by Spencer Pratt and Heidi. That’s a nickname bloggers give. Just like Brangelina and Bennifer. Get over yourselves!

  4. National joke? Speidi has been a national joke way before this campaign. 

  5. I don’t think they’re upset. I think it’s just a way for them to get back into the limelight. IT benefits both Virgin Mobile and Speidi. Spencer is broke and wants to get paid. 

  6. There is only one true Spidey, and that’s Spider-Man.

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