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2 Girls 1 Movie

Caballeros, hold on your pop corn and keep your eyes open for some hot girl on girl action with Eva Longoria and Kate Del Castillo. In the upcoming film Without Men, both ladies (as well as others) will be portraying the role of women dependent on each other for support while their husbands fight for the guerrillas. Despite their onscreen performance, the director, Gabriela Tagliavini has admitted that both of the actresses were worried about the love scenes since they are both hetero. The apprehension did add to the sex appeal of the scene. The movie is more a la Chasing Amy than Brokeback Mountain, but it will be a good break from all of the summer’s bang bang superhero flicks.

Check out the trailer:



Real Life Girlfight

Michelle Rodriguez broke into the silver screen in 2000 with her portrayal as a tough Latina from Brooklyn who wishes to become a fighter in the movie Girlfight. In a case of life imitating art, Marlen Esparza is quickly becoming the favorite in the boxing world for the newly formed US Women’s  Boxing Team at the 2012 Olympics in London, England. Aside from her impressive boxing awards, which include a five time national boxing champion title, Ms. Esparza can also add her academic achievements such as graduating at the top 2% of her high school to her already impressive record. We will all be cheering her on next year when she takes on the rest of the world!



Machete’s Swings Again

This past Thursday at the San Diego Comic Con, film director Robert Rodriguez has confirmed that he intends to make not one but DOS Machete sequel films, one in which our blade swinging hero will go into space. In addition to the Machete sequels, Robert Rodriguez has also confirmed Sin City 2. The details of the plot for the Machete sequel are still a secret, but the storyline has already been written.

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