Posted by: La Coacha on Monday, November 28th, 2011 to Chisme

We went to Miami to ask las gays about celebrity chisme: Demi Moore & Achton Kootchy, Keem Kardachian & Krees Humfreeze, and of course ESPARAH!

Miami is already the sexiest city en America, so top that off con a Sexican like Mario Lopez! Heeeey!!!

Gracias to BIRGEN MOBIL for the esponsorchip!

Ay Miami was amasin!!

5 Responses to “ Gaywalking in Miami! ”

  1. Ray J wood hahahahah

  2. Coachita, I miss Gaywalking!

  3. Demi got punked, ha! That drag man was scary though.

  4. guerra at the end went nuts. best part.

  5. Shaqui for the win!

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