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Coming soon on Coacha Couture’s Etsy shop!

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William Levy-Para Todos Magazine cover
William Levy-Para Todos
William Levy by Francis Bertrand
William Levy by Francis Bertrand Photography

Fotos by El Francis Bertrand. Produced by La Susan Ameri.

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Napoleon's Macarons Americana-macaron icecream sandwich

macaron icecream sandwich

Best macarons in El Ley! Tried the icecream macaron sanwish. Jummy!!!

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La Coacha-hot-sexy-Playboy-big boobs-Latina

Jajajaja. NOT!!!! Diss was a great fotochop yob. It is La Keem Kardachian’s body con my face!!!

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Nutella doughnut and midol

Nutella Donut! Jumminess!!!

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Pink showgirls-Hollywood Athletic club
Pink Hors D'oeuvres
Coacha Couture-David Tutera-pink and red rose- petals-bridal centerpiece
Cotton Candy Hair-Nicki Minaj0Katy Perry
Pink floral hat-pink roses-red roses-Coacha Couture-florist-petalsPink cakes-Perez Hilton 10 year anniversary

Perez Hilton 10 years of blogging

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How do ordinary women across the world suddenly look beautiful? They’ve discovered Instagram!

Watch this infomercial spoof featuring Perez Hilton and La Coacha!

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Pink diamonds became all the rage after Ben Affleck famously gave Jennifer Lopez a stunning 6.1-carat pink diamond engagement ring from Harry Winston. Although their engagement was short lived,  we’re still obsessed with the idea of a having a pink sparkler to mark the beginning of  a lifetime with your partner.

 Here are images of our  of our top three favorite pink diamond engagement rings!

Barrys pink diamond engagement rings

 Check out this website for ideas: