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La Coacha Quinceancera

My 1st boyfren & my 1st quinceañera! Gwow! Locky gurl!

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La Coacha-Pink hair-Kardashian Kollection-white & black polka dot shirt

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Coacha Couture, tropical earrings, fruit earrings, Carmen Miranda fashion

Carmen Miranda, eat jur corazon out! Found these en DTLA. Que cute!

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Mangonada-Mexican Slushie

Mangonadas are made from orange jews, mangos, chamoy, chile, lime & sal! Jummy!

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Mole sampler

I tried the mole sampler! The jummiest is the Mole Negro (black mole.) Mmmmmm!

They got PEENK horchata here and ships con mole Coloradito!

Horchata and Mole chips

And for desserts, I got the chocoflan!

Chocoflan, chocolate flan & Canela cafe-cinnamon coffee

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La Coacha-Capital Cities-Kangaroo Court-In a Tidal Wave of Mystery Album art

Was playing con steeker apps like “Animal Face” y “Yungle Foto” to get Capital Cities like!

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Mangonada La Coacha

Some Mexican chit right here!

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