Posted by: La Coacha

“She’s the funniest person I know! Gotta love La Coacha , I die for her! Her ‘Kardashian Gurls‘ and ‘Little Armenia‘ videos were hysterical!” - Kim Kardashian

“La Coacha is hilarious! She’s very entertaining… from a distance, ha!-Katy Perry

“I have done some pretty incredible collaborations in my career…from “Ghetto Superstar” to “Lady Marmalade”…but I have never had more fun than performing with La Coacha during Grammy week this year at Cherry Pop as well as L.A. Pride. I’m so happy she is in my music video for “Love is the Answer,” She is exuberant, racy, hilarious, but above all, supremely talented… ¿Quién es esa niña? La Coacha is that Girl!” - Mya


“La Coacha is hysterical! She keeps it fun and real. Her outfits are to die for! A ray of sunshine every time she’s interviewing. Love her!” -Karina Smirnoff


“Downright genius!” -Karmin