Posted by: on Thursday, December 4th, 2008 to Free Loader is giving away incredibly cute Hannah Montana merchandise. Our High School Musical Contest is over with. Pero, I got cooler products this time around!!! 

There will be two winners. The runner up will get a Hannah Montana folder and notebook, and the winner will get a Hannah Montana 2009 calendar. I was sooo tempted to keep the calendar, lol. 

The contest will run until December 19!!!

Joo got to list 7 reasons why joo like Hannah Montana more than Miley Cyrus!!!!

That’s soooo easy. I can give joo like 700!!!


La Coacha, “The Life Coach to the Stars”

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  1. I love hannah montana!!
    7 reasons why I like her more than miley cyrus:
    - she’s not crazy
    - she seems like a smart teenager
    - she’s really funny
    - she is a good daughter
    - she’s a good sister
    - she’s not dating a twenty year old–man that’s soo stupid of miley!!
    - overall, she’s a good person :)

  2. 7 Reasons Why I Like Her More Than Miley Cyrus:

    1. She doesn’t take pics of herself in her underwear and save them to her camera phone where they can be posted all over the internet.

    2. She’s smart

    3. She likes boys her OWN age.

    4. She has a great sense of humor

    5. She’s not one of those mean girls

    6. She’s not conceited at all-very down to earth

    7. She acts like a normal teenager, and is a great daughter and sister.

  3. I love hannah montana because
    the 7 things i like about you!!!
    – she is blond
    – she can sing
    – she has two personalities (miley)
    – she is better the Selena Slutty Gomez
    – she is rich
    – she has a funny accent
    – she wears a wig

  4. Dios mio, Coacha ! Can I do why I hate them both? :-) I think that would be much cooler to answer. The beesh! ^..^

  5. 7 things I like about Hannah Montana:
    -she makes my daughter happy
    -she makes my daughter sing & dance
    -she has a great wardrobe
    -she’s goofy
    -she gets to lead a secret life
    -she’s good to the people around her
    -she cherishes her best friend

    thanks for the chance to win goodies!

  6. 1. I like Hannah’s songs better than Miley’s.
    2. I like blondes.
    3. She says “Sweet niblets!” and it’s funny.
    4. I have all of her posters.
    5. I love the Best of Both Worlds song.
    6. I love the show’s new episodes.
    7. Her music videos are better.

  7. my thingy submitted early. so here it is again.

    1.I love her cute outfits
    2. She makes a really cute blonde
    3. She ha better morals than Miley
    4. Her songs are age appropriate
    5. She’s a good role model
    6. She doesn’t have much of a problem when it comes to being in public because she can just take her wig off.
    7. Very down to earth girl.

  8. Ziete Reasons Why I Like Her More Than Miley Cyrus:

    1.chee is una huera [blonde]
    2.she is a roqqqstarrr
    3.chee is funny
    4.chee has a greattt accent ;)
    5.chee gots the best of both worlds..:)
    6. chee’s the prettiest 4rm The Disney canal [channel]
    7.chee isnt wif a 20yr old

  9. 1. i like hannah montana and miley the same
    2. hannah montana may have a huge popstar life but its not always a good thing to have
    3.hannah montanas hair i love blonde it is so pretty
    4. she is so down to earth not snotty nosed
    5.shes not a rich snobby teenager that gets everything she wants
    6.shes just like us not diffrent in anyway
    7. shes unique

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  11. Just wondering when the winners will be announced. My son (Jordan) posted his replies and he asked me this morning when people would find out.

  12. tu es tres belle hannah montana .
    tu dois etre tres contante d’avoir touts(es) ces fans dans tout le monde…………

  13. lets do sex

  14. Hallo  Hannah ich hab ein Problem ich bin verliebt in ein Jungen was soll ich zu ihn sagen?

  15. eres la mejor ojala y siempre tengas fama y que no te la quite selena y la otra son unas interesadas tu le diste fama a los jonas vales mil contestame pofis soy tu fan numero 1

  16. I LOVE YOU

  17. jajjaja que estupida estas todos Miley es uana estupida perr….. y muchisimas cosas + si ya crecio q dej de aser Hanna Montana es una LOCER ojala se muera es horrible y a ella no le gustan sus labios,ya hasta posa casi desnuda ojala q se embaraze de cualquier baboso y se vaya con el .


  19. kiero k vengas ha Melilla pk no te e visto en realidad ¡porfaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! anda guapa plis   plis plis plis plis plis anda

  20. miley and hannah u r great.i am just a great fan of urs.i never ever even miss a single episode of HANNAH MONTANA.u r so beautiful , talented and i love uuuuuuuuuu…..and u know what u r of my age. i am proud of uuuuu.       4m BONS….

  21. hola soy paola y adoro a hana montana pienso que es la mejor amo el episodio cuando sale con los jonas brothers bueno me tengo que ir besos .adios!!!

  22. i hate u both ur both fagets no matter what u put on like blond hair or ur oily brown hair ur freeken ugly o and my dog can sing better then you and to all u parents who think she is a good roam model look online at some of the nasty pics she puts there ur a dirty *****guess wat that is o and i cant wait when u fall down a hole along with ur job loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. i hate u both and who named u miley ur dog

  24. hola soy gladis y adoro a mailli es linda y canta bien me caeesuper bien aunq no la conosco espero y benga pronto a chiapas; mexico

  25. Y LOVE YOU
    hanna montana ( miley cirus )
    toutes les personnes t’adorent trop .

  26. hola   hanaah  montana  me encanta como cantas    tengo todo de ti oi   me conpraron  un  juego de ti  me caes  mui bien  me encanta tu programa en  disney chanel   bueno bie   te cuidas  hanaah

  27. hola    hanaah montana   soy   yoselin soy tu  fans  numero 1  tengo todo de ti    me encanta tu programa    en disney  chanel     ojala que      nunca te quite tu lugar selena  me cai mui gorda pero tu no eres mi artista  favorita bueno bai te cuidas

  28. hola      hanaah  m.    como estas   yo  soy    yoselin    yo soy   te  fans    numero   1     eres mi  artista    favorita    tengo   todo   de    ti    ojala   que   nunca     te   quiten      tu   lugar    de       cantante    selena   es una   envidiosa     eres   mui bonita   bueno          bai   te    cuidas

  29. hanna yo quiero que vengas a chile

  30. hi hannah v r shirley and anusha talking with u. thanks 2 u 4 taking a movie abut u!
    urs so cool. v r great fans of urs. leave u r reply soon. v r eager to c it!!!!

  31. I like Hannah a very much!” ;) (L)

  32. hannah and mily are the same persone so both are/or have dated a 20 year old but she’s at that age gosh she not 10 shes 16 or 17   gosh! she probly got trickd into those pictures  and tabloids arnt always truth full! you would be mad if camras bumpd in to you 24,7 give the girl a break! every one stumbels but at least she gets up and blames her slef and cleans up whatever she knockd down too. not gonna comment on her singing much i like it. but thats ur opinion but dont over think on it thogh just let her be her and shes a probly as normal a person as pop stars get!!

  33. hanna motana je voulais bien que tu viennes a portugal parce que je suis potuguaise.

    tu pouvais aussi venir a la france, parce que  maientenant j ‘ habite en france


  34. hanna montana je voulais bien que tu viennes a portugal parce que je suis potuguaise.

    tu pouvais aussi venir a la france, parce que  maientenant j ‘ habite en france


  35. hi hannah i love you

  36. no hablo ingles
    pero ami no me gusta hannah montana ya que en realidad no tiene esa personalidad que todo el mundo se lleva como imagen de ella
    wakala de pollo
    i hate hannah montana

  37. estupida hannah a la maldit…… se quiere operar osea que mamad…….. son esas si supuesta mente  es linda no tiene que quitarse nadita waaaa hannah que mal ademas odio sus canciones  y todo de ella

  38. I  Love   music   a    lot.And   i    like    it    so so so so so so so so so  so so so   much.


  40. Hii Hanah Montanah you are my       FAVORITE!!!

  41. cooooooooooooooool

  42. helo had inna  i kom from austria and i live in viena i like your   i am eleven years old and i love you your film is cool  good bay

  43. I   turkey    I love you hannah monthana
    sizi seviyorum  I love you

  44. 7 reasons why i like hannah more than miley:
    1. her songs are beautiful
    2. she is very pretty
    3. she isn’t stuck up or mean like some celebrities
    4. she is a good role model
    5. she has a great family and great friends
    6. i love her hair (even if it is a wig)
    7. her clothes are cute

  45. I just love her and so does my neice

  46. i know the contest is over but I just wanted to type that there

  47. es genial

  48. eres super

  49. just…………….she is the best   I love her

  50. valla be hanah montana   eshte njeshi  ma e mira kiss   ju  dua

  51. hi miley or say hannah….
    se iz amazing!!!!!!!!!
    hr style iz bindassss####
    nd da mst imp she sits alot wid hr bf*****

  52. hello hanah monthana im always here 4 u because i love u sister hanna monthana u give me a reson i wish u visit me in ph8b blk66 lot 10 pkg6 bagong silang caloocan city

  53. I am there 4 u Hannah.I love ur show.I also like ur music and style.U have awsome clothes 2 wear.U sure r a lucky teen.Im happy 4 u :).TTFL

  54. Whats up Hanah its me again.I love ur singing and u r cool 2 me.Remember I will still be there 4 u :) TTFL

  55. I am there 4 u Hannah.I love ur show.I also like ur music and style.U have awsome clothes 2 wear.U sure r a lucky teen.Im happy 4 u :).TTFL

  56. Hey Hannah its me again.I just wanna tell u that u r always a cool teen.Everyday u might have a busy scedual like going to school or getting ready 4 a concert or rehersing but thats thats just fine 2 me :).So if u have anough time tomorrow I hope u get my comments :) .TTFL.P.S U R soooooo fetch :)

  57. Hey Hannah its me again.I hope u got a good sleep.So I just wanted 2 say that u r a cool popstar.I also wanted to let u know that u can be cool as ice or anything u wanna.I was wathching  Hannah Montana videos on youtube yesterday :) .they r real funny.U r just a really,really lucky teen.If u have anough spare time today I hope u will b able 2 check out all my comments that I left 4 u :) .Well I gotta go now.So I will try 2 wright u some more comments if I get the chance :) .TTFL P.S U R still and always going 2 b sooooooo fetch :)


  59. I love you hannah montana I am a turkish  and talking to türkish  SİZİ SEVİYORUM  meaning  first wirites

  60. 7 things i lyk abt hannah:
    1.she has a gud voice
    2.she is cute
    3.she sings so well
    4.her dressing sense is very nice
    5.she luvs cody
    6.she has 2 best frnds who r always wid her
    7.she is a rockstar

  61. I love you

  62. je me e mira veq vashdo te dua shum

  63. hey hanna i love your songs party in usa love ya


  65. I LOVE          you

  66. hi mrs montana

    you are very nice

    I LOVE hannah(beutiful girl)

    i love your music


  67. hola como estas hannah montana

  68. hi mrs montana you are veri nice
    I LOVE muzic hanah bye

  69. i love          hana montana may      nem is marigona zubaku qao hana montana(l)
    i love zerrrrrr (l)

  70. love you hannah!! <3 <3 <3

  71. *i love you youe the girl of my dreams.. i hope i can meet you <3*

  72. hanna montanna is cute i like her your my idol

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