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Britney fans have been trying to solve the puzzle behind her catchy song off the Circus album, “If You Seek Amy.” ChismeTime reader Chris G, finally enlightened us with an email: 

“Hello ChismeTime! I just learned about the meaning of Britney’s new song, “If You Seek Amy.”  So, she’s really saying F U C K me, F(If), U (You), C (see-), K (k-a)-ME(my)

 Here is the chorus….

 Love me hate me 
Say what you want about me 
But all of the boys and all of the girls are beggin’ to F.U.C.K Me 
Love me hate me 
But can’t you see what I see 
All of the boys and all of the girls are beggin’ to F.U.C.K Me”

La Coacha actually confronted Britney about this controversial subject. THIS is what Britney had to say:

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  1. HAHAHA! thats why its on my profile!

  2. What a stupid song. Why can’t she just say ‘Fuck me?’ The song doesn’t even make sense otherwise.

  3. She doesn’t say “Fuck me” to avoid a ‘parental advisory’ logo on her album cover. It’s a clever way to sneak it onto her album under the radar. Leave it to Britney. In her song “Blur” the words ‘shit’ and ‘fucking’ are dubbed out as well. But it’s obvious though. Thus proving my point. Britney’s a sneaky chick haha. She did this in her “Blackout” album as well with the song “Hot As Ice” the word ‘fuckery’ was sensored but you know she said the f-word. I found the original version on limewire with the word intact. It’s funny hearing her swear. Britney wants to appeal to a larger audience. Think of it like movies. There’s G (for all audiences), PG (parental guidance), PG13 (kids 13 and up can see it on their own), R (17 and up), and NC17 (you need to be 18 I think). But in the music business you’re very limited. You’re only allowed to say “ass, bitch, and pissed” or else you get the black and white warning, I hate those things, I think they ruin the album cover (even though they’re small these days). Shit and Fuck are still not allowed haha. I’m pretty sure cunt fits into the category as well. That’s why she did it. She doesn’t want to come off as “vulgar and in-your-face”. She doesn’t want a few words to be a distraction from her work. She’s worked very hard on this album.

  4. i love this song even if the meaning is true!!

  5. britney rocks!!!!

  6. Ha Brilliant I love it! That is very clever! I love it!
    She even gives a hint ” cant you see what I see?” HA Brilliant!

  7. Good call!!!!!!

  8. Brilliant!!

  9. what about the rest of the song? how does that fit?

  10. I think Amy is her alter ego and if you listen very close you can hear fuck me after the first chorus…and then she says haha he ho…love it and a very brilliant way to keep people talking about her and her music…but i still love her and her music…

  11. when i first heard about this song coming out i was shocked. i used to live in cali. when she got into the mickey mouse club for the second season. when it first started i was invited to addition but i couldnt go cause my dad was in the army. we never knew when we were going to move so i couldnt be in it. at that time i sang, danced, and acted. i was in the theater and had formal training. i started to wonder if she heard about me and the song was about me as crazy as that may sound. boy am i glad its not. lets just say i am glad i didnt go to that addition. im a lot happier where i am now. i did catch on to the meaning of the song though after listening to it a little more and you are right. she was saying F.U.C.K ME.

  12. and the part where shes like if u seek amy tonight, ill do whatever you like , it makes sense

  13. i think that shes sneakin it in there but i also think that just to cover it she made “amy” maybe an alter ego which is like crazy sexy and has no blown up past

  14. Amy is her drug dealer!!!
    “is she in the bathroom? smoking up outside?” yea, doing drugs in the bathroom of a club.
    and britney doesnt know where or when amy is gonna meet her… drug dealers are sketchy like that. they never say a specific place or time.
    and britney is so desperate to seek amy. she pleads for us to tell her if we’ve seen her. ahe says she’ll do whatever we like, as long as we tell her where amy is.

  15. well i think the whole amy being a drug dealer is totally believable. but i luv this song its my fave on the cd. and i think that britney is very clver for thinking that up. well people email me plz at

  16. I love this song…. and I think it was a clever way to get that in there. Even though spears has screwed up alot…shes trying to work past her mistakes and this album is definatley her come back!

  17. yo shorty i agree. email me people

  18. email me for God’s sake!!!

  19. Absolutely brilliant! Omg, haha, britney is so sneaky.

  20. I’ve seen Amy and EVERYONE knows Amy is a stripper who screws anything…duh
    hehehe :p

  21. Britney IS Aamy!!!!!!!!!!.

    She’s asking if we’ve taken tme to see the real person that she is, because all she sees is everyone wanting to F U C K her over, focusing on her downfall, ready to be judge and jury, pointing fingers…. almost begging her to screw up more.

  22. it’s britney bitch add me

  23. sterling i think u pegged it just right!!

  24. CICI THIS ONES FOR YOU!!!… You are the biggest dumb shit on the entire planet!!! Go crawl back in your hole! You are not entitled to even mutter the name britney spears, let alone make your condescending comments on her songs(which are godly)!! Go back to playing World of Warcraft you scabby piece of garbage!! Listen to Randy, because he knows what’s up. He could give you some pointers you britney virgin.

  25. Okay seriously, get a life. I used to like Britney a lot. But she has released the same album for over 10 years. She has shown absolutely no growth as an artist and sings about the same crap on every album. We get it, her life is hard, it’s like a “Circus,” paparazzi follow her everywhere, blah blah. She’s almost fucking 30 and sings the same crap she sang when she was 16. What she fails to realize is her fans have grown up with her, yet she still sings bubble gum crap. Who cares if her album has an advisory? She’s not 16 anymore, it SHOULD have an advisory. Her songs are not godly, they’re all the same. This is the second Britney album I have not bothered buying and won’t buy any more unless she brings something fresh to the table.

  26. I seeked Amy last night!!!

  27. Please, she’s not clever. Just too worried about losing her 12 year old fan base to come out and use a curse word and officially cross into the parental advisory level of music. That or it’s just another publicity stunt. But if that’s what gets the job done more power to her, obviously it’s working if everyone is debating it online.

  28. Thanks, Isabella. Well said!

  29. I only bothered to tried to find out what the song meant because it was on Foxnews. The song makes no sense and I really thought it was about drugs from reading the lyrics. I admit, I am not a fan of Britney Spears. But so what your life sucks, you made the mess clean it up. I guess if you make a mess of your life and have millions of dollars in the bank then everyone feels sorry for you. Get over it and all of you people get a life! Don’t bother trashing me, I will never be on here again!

  30. %^& aNy1 wHo TaLkS sHYt boUT BRITNEY cAn tAKe !t Up W!t mE NuKkA. shE A RAWWWWWWW a$$ b!tCH! YOU GET EM GURL!!!!!!!!%^&



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  33. I agree with sterling zeta.

    And YES, Britney is clever. I wouldn’t have even thought of this myself.

  34. I am neither a Britney hater or lover, but before you all go on and call her clever and awesome please realize that she does NOT write her own songs. Max Martin, Shellback, Savan Kotecha, Alexander Kronlund are the people who wrote that song. She simply sang it and then had it altered to make it sound like she has some sort of talent.

  35. <hat the hell ur talking about , u dont have to do people but thinking of britney’s …. even that deosnt mean any thing .. boys and grils fuck her .. tha’s so stupid … she come back and she rocks fuck all of u

  36. I have this song on myspace profile..even though it took me forever to figure out what she meant..LOL. I love it though.

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  38. ok she is spelling F.U.C.K. then she says me: (F)if (U)you (C)See K (me)Amy… part of the song i think shes pretending to be a guy looking for amy which is her which is why amy=me… lol i hope i explained that right… the song is funny worse things have been said in less subtle ways

  39. alright heres the deal all of you haters are poor saps who are just jealous because you guys dont have as much talent as she does in her hair after she shaved her head… your scumb britney is the shit and hoodnikka (sorry if i spelt it wrong) ur the shit too i say we team up and do some damage on the dumb anti britney shit heads BSPEARS is love

    pz bitches

  40. and cici listen here i think what your really batteling here is the fact that nobody is paying attention to you and would rather listen to and enjoy the musical styling of britney spears rather then listening to your dumb remarks about pointless shit.. my best advice to you would be to buy the britney spears cd and prove your own self wrong because your not going to beat the britney fans you might as well join them

  41. When I found out the meaning behind the song I thought it was soo awsome and clever! i wonder if she thought of that on her own.. lol. but its goes.

  42. good job Isabella!!!!!!!!! You’re not half bad ;-)

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  44. Trust me, I’m ten, and it took me 10 minutes to find out that she’s really saying f*** me, ’cause why else would she put “if seek Amy”..? It’s sick, and wrong, and I don’t know why she would put f*** me in the song……

  45. [...] Someone got a tattoo that was “inspired” by Britney’s new single, “If You Seek Amy” (a song that Britney herself never even wrote). So for those of you who haven’t been keeping up with pop culture please read the the meaning of “If You Seek Amy” [...]

  46. This All Makes Sense! Afterall She Was A Disney “employee” , They Cover All Kinds Of Trash. Im Nor Surprised! :P

  47. haha i wouldnt be surprised if you were the loyal fan who got the if you seek amy tattoo HA! messes

  48. i think the song is clever and sexy and if you dont like it then turn off the radio. no one is MAKING you listen to it, and if you truely dont like it, then you wouldnt spend your time debating and arguing with people over it on the internet as a matter of fact, why would u even search it ? ‘if you seek amy’ lives on and so does Britney Spears, so get over it

  49. well this does not make sence without the real meaning . ” all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek amy”??    . so if you put the meaning it makes sence “ all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to f u c k me ”  . im not surprised . regular average britney . if she wants to change  DONT MAKE SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES!!

  50. oh wow.  At first i didn’t understand the “if u seek amy” means “f.u.c.k me”
    but after I just heard it I was like WOAHH!
    “if” sounds like “F”
    “you” sounds like “U”
    “See” sounds like “C”
    “Ka (part of seek, and part of amy)” sounds like “my (as pronouced in ‘amy’”) sounds like “me”

    And the

  51. that makes this song like 5 thousand times better than it alreadi was!! i knew the fuck part was there but it not being AMY and being ME makes it great.. love britney

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  53. She is not so clever really. An Irish band here have a track on their album called If You see Kay, but at least it fits in with the song and makes sense in the context.

  54. hey you know,
    i dont care if she says it or not.
    britney is bangin’
    and i would f.u.c.k. her anyday.
    ahahaha. :D

  55. this has got to be the funniest crap ive ever seen. people flipping out in chat rooms?  calm down. its a song for crying out loud.

  56. wow… pure and simple trash its sad that someone with no artistic talent whatever can make it in today’s weak fucking pop music charts… shes worse than the Jonas brothers!

  57. So who cares… The album is not made for lil kids or teenagers neither are a thousand others, why do they always make such a big deal. Just because she started as a young artist and the “pop princess” does not mean she needs to satisfy everyone’s taste. If you don’t like it, then don’t listen to it. Same thing applies to any kind of music, not just Britney; we are not obligated to. I am very happy that she is back, that she is a grown woman and that she is to do as she wishes. Best of Luck with everything Britney… you are awesome and climbing to the top!!!

  58. Brit’s new album is the best of all of them.If you seek amy can have a couple of meanings: F U C K Me, from the words If you seek Amy. It can also mean that no one sees who she really is, no one understsands her and that everyone hates her cuz she used to do drugs and she went to rehab. Amy is her.another meaning is that shes amy, and in the song SHE is looking for Amy, so maybe shes trying to find herself, who she really is, and just understand her life and try to fix all the bad things that have happened in it. Amy can also be a drug dealer, and she doesnt know where to find her, even tho Amy told her that they’d meet up. Everyone, seriously, I totally love britney and I hope I explained it well. I think she leaves it up to you to find all possible meanings and decide which is the right one. It leaves an air of mystery. I think only her and the writers of the song know the real meaning.

  59. I just listened to if u seek amy! it rocks. I think the song means to F U C K her life and to forget it and start fresh. Maybe thats possible. Everyone is saying it means F U C K Me but what is she really saying by that? I agree with BrItNeY sPeArS LuVr. It can be any of those reasons, also.

  60. Thank you SpearsLuver! that was very nice of you. I agree with you to, maybe it means F U C K her past life and think of it as a brand new start!

  61. okayy sooo i was listening to the radio and before they played this song they said that if u said if u seek amy 5 times fast it will give u the meaning of the song.. i was trying and trying and couldnt get it and now i doo!! haha wowwww whatta milf.. she needs to get a life.

  62. the video isnt real. when it shows la coacha, in the left corner, it has a girl with wavy hair. sumone just put a 2 videos together and editted it. the lighting is different too. the video is sooo fake.

  63. I’m ten.
    I figured out that it meant fuck me in 2 seconds.  So clever, Brit! You are my celebrity Idol! Well except I’m not going to do drugs or go to rehab.
    I might go to her concert.  I love her songs. And her.

  64. talk about pure and simple trash, look at your name Billy Bob

  65. YEAH!!! I LOVE IT!!! Very much…

    Can’t wait for the video!

  66. If you say it fast enough it could be “If you sick of me”… and yes, I am.

  67. Listen kids, the “F U C K me” is obvious.  But if you pay attention to the rest of the lyrics, the hidden meaning is reavelead–she is talking finding cocaine at a club.  Have you seen any tonight?…she can’t get it off her mind…she’s been waiting forever (for her dealer), etc.  That’s how it works…I mean, not that I would know. 

  68. Wow, anyone who still listens to Brit needs to grow the f.u.c.k. up and get a life, like a few people have said on here already, she has done the same whiny ass “i’m in a stressed out life” shit for almost 14 years, she needs to grow up and use a grown persons vocabulary instead of a 9 year olds. A 9 year old shouldnt be listening to this anyway if their parents new shit about it or actually watched their kids. I’ve never listened to Brit ever in my life for one simple reason. All and i mean ALL pop music is the same shitty beat over and over that people getting high on X dance to and die, and that pop stars never change their music when they should. Rock and Roll will live forever and has classics, shit even rap has classics, because the genre’s change their type of beat, style, etc. from time to time. Nobody has ever heard of a classic pop star and never will. think about it, Hillary Duff= good actress for disney-horrible pop singer=not classic. Britney Spears=used to be hot shit back in her early days-lip syncing fiascos=not classic. get the picture, anyone who has a brain should at least think about it. go out and smoke a dub or something, all you do when you talk about her stressful life and her problems shes going through, just adds to the fact that she is controlling you more than your own damn brain. wake up people(sry pepsi max) and get control of your own selves. thank you good night…..

  69. And what’s the problem if she says FUCK ME? :S

  70. i say it all the time :@

  71. omg u people r really retarted <yes im in my teens when i read a couple of these i did believe it was true until i thought about and relized wtf is a matter with you people its just a song and u guys sure had a lot of time on your hands if you took time to analize the song just to find something wrong with it live your life and stop worrying about or trying to destroy  britney’s

  72. Britney Spears Luvr is soo ryt… it can mean a lot of things…. its up to us to make up our minds what it really means… The fact also remains that she didn’t write the song… So why don’t “the others” try to straighten up their dirty little minds huh?…

    Anyway.. whatever it means, I still like the song..


  73. Why are you guys all making fun of that meanin “fuck” how do you know she didn`t mean to write that. You guys are all bullies no doubt about it leave a message if you hav anything bad to say about me

  74. Britney Spears didn’t even right this song….
    the same person who wrote hit me baby one more time did

  75. When the CD first came out and i heard there was controversy over the meaning over the song i tried to figure out what it was and all i could come up with from the title was ” If you see gay me” which would make more sense with the name Amy. But i totally like the F.U.C.K. ME thing better! way 2 go britney!

  76. hahaha i get it now i been trying to figure it out for weeks. now i knoe what she shes sneaky.

  77. the concert is in 3 dayz!! So excited! Im going with all my friends. Its gunna rock! That skank/ho/bitch is so smart.

  78. danm yall ju5 n33d 2 5hut da fuqk up ! i lik3 britn3y n i don car3 wat 5h3 b3 5ayin in h3r 5ong5 5h3 a grown a55 woman n if yall 5tupid
    a5535 who b3 talkin 5hyt bout h3r why da fuqk did you tak3 ur tim3 2 li5t3n 2 da lyric5 n 53arch for da topic n al5o comm3nt n wa5t3 ur tim3 if u aint lik3 h3r .. !! di5 ju5 5tupid a55 h3ll n 5h3′ll alway5 b3 hot 5o many sup3r5tar5 hav3 don3 drug5 n ppl kno it but nobody cares why i5 it 5o diff. wit h3r … ?  i lik3 da song n yall kno 5h3 da only pop star whos da most famous ! n will always be in history she has made it n will always be heard her songs are a piece of music history !

  79. I just wanted to say that I don’t really approve of Brit’s actions as a person, but as an artist and a singer, she is fantastic. I was actually watching the music video for ‘Slave 4 U’ (another of her songs– real good!) and I remember it saying something about how all she really wanted to do was dance and move and sing. I think that– whether she writes her own songs or not, whether she sounds the same or not, or whether she’s any better or not– shouldn’t matter. She’s just persuing her passion in life. All great artists stick with their original style until they grow tired of it or their fans do. Some have outgrown Brit– however many still worship her. Plus she likes her style. Obviously, she’s not going to be changing it any time soon. And that’s just fine with her. She’s still dancing (love the moves, btw) and singing and that works for her and for her fans.

    Besides, a lot of people who “switched up their style” sound horrible now– Justin T. for example. I never really liked him before, but now that he’s “rapping” I really don’t like him. But, as I said, its their own passion. We have no right to criticize them.

    No need to flame. Just stopping by for a visit and decided to add my two-cents to this overflowing piggy bank. : )

    PS–> No matter who wrote it, ‘if you seek Amy’ is still a really clever play on words. Everyone who says it isn’t is just butt-hurt because they didn’t think of it on their own. >PPPPP

  80. i think this whole thing is retarded. i do not think she is trying to say “all of the boys and all of the girls are beggin’ to If (F) U (U) See-(C) k(K) A-MY(ME)” i highly doubt a girl would seek for that. i do however think she and everyone else are searching for Amy, the drug dealer. ALL OF THE BOYS AND ALL OF THE GIRLS ARE BEGGIN’ TO IF YOU SEEK AMY(the drug dealer) i do not think that was intended. i bet Britney would say that’s what it actually means to get publicity. its a scam. she is not meaning to spell out the F word.

  81. Well, of course it means F U C K me. Why else would the “if” be in there? “All of the boys and all of the girls are beggin’ to if you seek Amy.” That line doesn’t make any sense if it’s not a subliminal message. It’s obviously meant to be F U C K. It’s probably not necessarily about sex, though. It would make sense if she meant to fuck her over, and basically watch her crash and burn because everyone wants to see that. It’s pretty horrible actually, she’s a person who leads a crazy life and all we can do is make fun of her and criticize.

  82. Okay I dont realy like Britney as a person but i luv are music and whatever she wanted to say (if u seek Amy) why doesn it all matter to u guys im 15 and i dont realy care what she wants to say with that song i just like the beat and i think its a great song to dance on and all u guys that doesn’t like that song and that saying that they’ed never listen to her music why did u search her song. And why would it bother if she would say fuck in her song each day at school i hear that word and my brother his in grade 5 and at id school two, pepole say it so whats the diffrent? 

  83. I have to admit Britney that this is actually very clever!! And wow Randy I never knew there were so many hidden things. Cool!♥

  84. I think Brittney is jus a bored whore, who needs to get a life, She is a grown ass woman and if she wants to sing a song about sex then to hell with everyone else, she can do it, and you know she gotta be single and bored cuz,  singing a song about lesbian sex is just wrong. I think that her family just looks at her and just pukes everytime she writes a song. I think Brittney is old enough to understand that with her past experiene with parents hating her is only going to get worse, they already don’t like her, she should just stick with man bashing songs.

  85. Auctually it makes a lot of since when she she says if u seek amy lol
    and its clever
    Jealust ppls these dayss

  86. wow. dammit.sneaky.and clever are the only words ive gotta say.oh, and shit.
    Who knew wat If you ssek amy meant. Damn she IS really smart.
    KA(K)~{part of seeK and Amy}
    AMY(ME)~{amy pronounced like AY-MEE}
    BuT i StIlL fUcKiN lOvE tHiS sOnG!!!!

  87. ppl stop hatin on her…shit!!!

    dont be J cause she can do that and more and still she has money!!! money that we will never get to have!!

    le her be!! shes only human just like us!!! she is totally awesome!!!! and her tour ‘Circus’ is awesome too!!!

  88. Omg That song is awesome!!! I love it more n more every time I hear it, and the meaning is like.. woaahhhh :D Good for her!

  89. I love this song so much!

  90. Leave Britney ALONE!!!  Sniff. Sniff

  91. I used to love this song, and when I kwen about its meaning I just started to love it even more and more and more.

  92. I didn’t bother to read the rest of the replies.  I think she should come here (Connemara) and live life like real people! We’ll toughen her up (in a nice way!) Yeah, the coal doesn’t get to the fire by its self! ;)

  93. i don’t know why everyone making a fuss over britney saying f.u.c.k in her videos. i think the song is brilliant and the writers are very clever to put it in there like that. also, why are people saying that britney has had’ no growth’ and ‘sings the same crap as her other album’ because she obviously want it to be similar sound because she probably wants to keep the same sort of fans, like teenagers. i think she’s done incredibly well considering no-one thought she would be able to get her singing career back like it used to be. 

  94. and i agree with airbear the video is extremley fake, the lighting is completley different and whats with that dodgy wig in the bottom corner it looks nothing like her hair when it flicks back to her :/:L

  95. i agree with airbear teh video is soooo fake it’s unbelieveable! :L

  96. this song is about Amy and Britney……Britney gt into a fight with this girl named Amy and they keep going back and foth to eachother beig mean so thats why Britney Spears wrote this song cuz she really hates this girl names Amy.

  97. ok so has anyone asked Brittany what the aong means???? i mean what if amy is a friend with bad drug prolems and parties too much???? think about that!!!!

  98. like omg. .. i DID NOT catch onto that till I read this. . .

  99. i think britney is ok….yeah she screwed up her life but its her life and what has it got to do with us.people got to learn to butt out of otehr peoples life and stop being so nosey because man get a life and is just pathetic. u dont know her i dont know her so we aint in no place to judge what she is and what she aint cuz thats just wrong. and her songs are okay and some of them are good. she hasnt got the same charisma and wowfactor as she used to because during that time she was new and her music was different now theres so many big stars out ther that its kind of pulled her down but when u hear a song u can tell if its britney or not,not just by her voice but with the actual music too, she has her own originality to her music and people who are saying sh eneeds to change her style,iincase uve forgotten its that specific style that seperates her from every1 else.

  100. idk i love this song and how twisted it is lol my friend told me wat it meant wen we were on our way to see some prom dresses and once i found out wat it really meant i feel in love with it cuz its sooo twisted and funny how can u not love how that was snuck in! pure genius! loving the song to the fullest not to mention how super catchy it is =]

  101. i want to fuck her really badly

  102. i just want to ask why she is different at the end!! (like a perfect houswife)
    i think this is really clever how she has done it as it makes people think.
    if she just said it, not as many people would be tlking about it,
    im not much of a britney fan but she did well with this. (even though i didnt realise the meaning)

  103. britney spears is awesome. end of story.
    who care’s if she wrote this or not? she’s the biggest thing in Pop since Madonna and Michael Jackson. Yall say she isn’t that great but obviously she is.

    once a britney fan, always a britney fan.

  104. Well i think that what britney wants to say is you to see who’s her really.
    I mean, just watch the video,
    she pretends to be serious and a woman with a family but really she doesnt ¡
    really she is a fucker who wants all to fuck her like the song says shes such a bitch in the video but amy is like her but with her family¡

  105. look at her motions

  106. I Love this song! And how there is like a secret message. VERY SNEAKY!!!!!!

  107. If you watch the video it makes a LOT more sense after reading the lyrics. It is kind of clever how she came up with the code, tho. However the fact that everyone wants to just F.U.C.K. her is nobodys fault but her own. I did like the touch at the end where she came in as “Amy”.

  108. I’m pretty sure that Amy is a metaphor for Britney’s crazy side.  At the very end when she leaves the house as “Amy” and the paparazzi goes crazy it makes me think this because the paparazzi is only interested in Britney’s crazy side, not the real Brit

  109. OMG!!!!!!! i get it

  110. I think that britney hit the nail on the head with dat song. i dont like britney that much but this song is class

  111. The reason certain songs like this and like a prayer by madonna don’t just say it is because they are free maisons. They have a darker meaning to there lyrics.

  112. This song is AWESOME!!! i didnt kno wat i meant either.  Brittany has some troubles in her life so she plays them in her music. it has been the same bubble gum pop but its still good. i dont feel sorry for her cause she screwed her own self over but shes progessing and growing even if her music isnt. if u seek amy is saying look at me world im a bitch yea and i wanna fuck yea but ur not entertaining the world i am so get over it u BITCHES!! love it!!

  113. Britney is a waste of space. Period. The empire built around her, and people like her, just take advantage of the moronic public, who obviously have nothing better to do than support trash like this. This song is not “clever,” or “sneaky.” Its dumb bullshit that shouldn’t be allowed to be put on the air. Tell me again why a whacked-out publicized “singer” who has no control of her own life and is a shameless example to us all, makes millions while people like TEACHERS, POLICEMEN, FIREFIGHTERS, AID WORKERS, etc., get paid next to nothing? Fuck this system.

  114. h ow fuken funny :L
    go britneyy :L

  115. Let’s play a game called “Don’t hunt for Britney sites if you’re not a fan!” Fun game! :D  You haters sicken me. There are WAAAAY worse songs than this out there. And frankly, unless you’ve spoken with Britney and/or one of her writers, OR you can read minds, you’re still just as lost about the meaning of this song as a puppy. So let’s all start that game now and get our little hatin’ bottoms outta here, kiddies! ^_^ [Though not me, of course; I applaud Britney's new music! She's bad ass and she knows it.]

  116. I too hate those dumb “parental advisory” stickers. Like on all of Liz Phair’s stuff.
    P.S. regina felangie I take it your a fellow FRIENDS fan?

  117. okay,  so britney wuz rly cleva fo finkin diz up but duz she rlly hav 2 sinng da saym fukin crap all da tym, i mean if yov gonna sing sumfin sing a good song insted of dis shit!!! chek diz out

  118. …Are you kidding me? Mrs. Nick Jonas? …No wonder you’re a hater. XDD How old are you?

  119. so that’s what it means!
    i thought she was trying to get back at amy lee from was really coincidental though…amy’s name is in the song and britney dresses like her from one of the scenes in ‘everybody’s fool’.which that song was about people who use sex appeal to get famous is stupid and thats exactly what britney is doing!

    but i guess i was wrong..

  120. im 21 and my lil cuz choze da name 4 me so dont b like dat yeh!

  121.  jus cuz u like britney duz not mean evry1 else haz 2 and by da way im 21 and the only reason my nam WUZ mrs nick jonas i did not type it my lil 14 yr old cuz wrote it so dont b like dat


    It’s basically talking about how all of her fans were wanting so desperatley for her to have a comeback. Amy was originally AME referring to herself. 

    The part, Love Me, hate Me, was talking about everyone durring her hard times on the highs and lows of that period. 

    Listen and find out to the brilliant message.
    In NO way was this song meant to be vulgar.

  123. Oh  My  God  i Love  Britney Spears ! shes So  Cool !  i Love When That Woman  at The End  Startes Singing And Holding Her  Nose  Like Lol  How Funny Can U Get ?x

  124. You kind of make me want to shoot myself in the face. Congrats.

  125. I have to hand it to her, this is really clever. But whats wrong with the black and white sticker? P!nk has one on EVERY album and so does lily allen and they appeal to everyone! Oh, and before i go… ‘LEAVE BRITNEY ALONEEE!’ (sorry i had to)

  126. She doesn’t write her own songs; she’s not clever.

    Her writers aren’t clever either, this ideas already been done. There is already many songs among the same lines, like “If you see Kay”.

    Just a shallow singer, as many of the people in Hollywood are today. no depth, no originality, only a handful have any real intelligence and talent.

  127. So I just read every single comment on this blog… That makes me just as fucking retarded as the simpletons blogging about dumb shit. Who gives a flying fuck what her song actually means… It’s catchy yes, but give it a rest. –>P.S I’m on a boat mother fuckers! Go find some fucking controversy in that bitches!

  128. wow some people really take this seriously. seems like some people really have some strong feelings about this…..AHEM! ^^^ haha. this is a good song anyway.

  129. WOW BRiTTNEY she is not very smart shes an idiot a 5 year old could figure that out but shes to stupid to see that.

  130. OMG. u guys oh so dont have a life to be arguing bac and forth on this comment thinggy… yes brittany was clever to do word play ok… get over y she did it…she did it and its ova wit.. its time for u to get a life… and i have to press resume on mine for havin to put u dum bitches in there place so yes go run you mouth as if this was a marathon bout wut i said but u arent gunna get a responds from me.. iam said wut i needed to say…peace bitches…. -MAE-

  131. kk im juz gon leeve it now!!

    Paul Walker iz hooooooooooooooot!!!!!!


  132. well if you consider britney spears, singing “bubble gum crap” then you’re completely wrong, go out there, get a nice set of speakers, turn them up, THEN post your positive comments, instead of being fucking jealous of her because of her fame and money. she has one of the greatest cd’s out right now, regardless. it’s the music, and the artist. It certainly has hit the gay side of the wagon, because i love britney <3

  133. Bloody hell u guys get a life!
    Stupid bitches

    Rob Thomas ROCKS  =)

  134. i just think mom fuck her up and u guys get a dam life

  135. I can’t believe it took me this long to work out the meaning lol but I love the song it’s definitely the Britney we all know and love!!!!!!!

  136. omg i cant believe i took this long to work it out..i knew there was somethin bt i didnt think it wud hv sware words in it…. britney is quite clever lol

  137. Memphis Slim was the first with his song “If You See Kay” on his 1963 album Bawdy Blues. Britney’s like 45 years too late on this.

  138. I think it’s hilarious how people are going on about how “clever” and “sneaky” she is. She didn’t even write the song!!!! She probably doesn’t even know what it means. You all suck.

  139. Is about AMY WINEHOUSE


    Peace and Love Britney!!

  141. i think that this song is really catchy and its a great song to tell people that they need to f- off because they might just be hating on you. i think that this is a good way to tell people to piss off….. without really telling them to piss off.

  142. ha i just learned that today

  143. You fans are hopeless.  Brittany may have started out her career with a tiny bit of talent.  Her first couple of albums showcased an actual ability to sing, coupled with pretty catchy beats, performed by a pretty attractive girl.  But that hasn’t been the case for SEVERAL years.  Her live performances have been completely ridiculous, she doesn’t have the body she did either.  And she obviously lost whatever ability she had to sing.  This last fact is exemplified by the complete synthesizing of her voice on EVERY SINGLE SONG.  The only reason she is even still around is because Brittany Spears is a BRAND.  If her current single (Seek Amy) was put out by anybody other than her, it would never ever ever get played or picked up.  Compare her to any of the other pop stars from her generation (Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, etc.) and the lack of singing ability is incredibly apparent.  The fact that stupid people still consider buying her albums makes me fear for our future as a country.  Don’t you have some offs to fuck? … Fuck off!

  144. Britney clever? Do you people honestly believe she wrote this song – or any of her other songs for that matter? 

  145. Damn, that bitch she was talking to her was an asshole. What the hell was her problem? God, I would hate to be interviewed by that bitch.
    Anyway, I like Britney’s cleverness of If You Seek Amy, didn’t think of it until I looked up the lyrics and I was like “Oh my God! I soo didn’t notice that!” but of course, I didn’t say it like some preppy bitch. More like “Oh my God! I’m so retarted!”

    Love me, hate me. Can’t you see what I see? All the boys and all the girls are begging to if you seek Amy.

    Wonder if Britney actually parties with all the boys and girls….Probably not, since she’s got her act together. Congratz for her.

  146. hi?!??!! where is every body gooo??? STop aT 6th JuNe??. here is some comment from me…Britney is great for that song.IT FITT HER LIFE STYLE…. The CMPZ is brilliantttt!!! BRAVOoo!! AND YOU KNow whAt.. I sEEk amy at the CIRCUS Festival  laST knIGht, AND FUck her… OH BABYY! I SOO LUcKy…<if you get what i saying, and read what i have wrote>

  147. I’m not very sure about the whole “Fuck Me” thing, even though I can see where you all are coming from with “If You Seek Amy”. Also, the video above, I don’t think Britney was in very good spirits in that interview. The interview itself seemed like a mockery.

  148. Here’s my best interpretation:

    An autobiographical song about a bisexual whore at a nightclub or a party.

    All the girls and all the boys–Bisexual, attractive
    F. U. C. K. Me–Whore, desperate
    Smoking in the bathroom–Party, Nightclub

    Please comment. I’d love to hear your interpretations.
    Email me:

  149. ok my thing to that song is EWWWW i mean she said “all the boys and all the girls  are begging to F.U.C.K me” so shes saying that all little kids want to have sex with her which is just gross!!! EWWWWWWWWWW

  150. DUDE – you KNOW that interview at the bottom is so fake! You know that this was totally set up. hahahah. I hope they were doing this as a joke. At 1:21 when Britney showed the picture of Justin, the picture kept moving.

  151. Wow, you guys have been keeping this thing going for 6 months now.  I guess for someone as hot-looking as Brit, she deserves the attention and the controversy. 

  152. Brittney is sick and wrong that song is pretty much telling the entire world how much of a whore brittney really is!

  153. This is so STUPID!

  154. i still love britney no matter what!!!
    i love her since i was 9 years old, imagine!
    whatever happenings in her life I’m still very supportive to her. Maybe she’s just trying to find her happiness.. Let’s just understand her..
    whatever the lyrics of this song is about.. I still lve to sing this song..hehe It’s such a lovely song for me. hehehe email me..

  155. Britney messed up, give her a chance to clean it up. I am no fan of what her song is hiding, and I think that is NOT true. Why would she sing about that???? She has a great voice!

  156. I think it’s hilarious that everyone keeps commenting on how “clever” Britney is.  BRITNEY DID NOT WRITE THE SONG.  People need to get a clue.  She doesn’t write any of her own music.  Please go listen to some rock artists who not only sing, but play instruments and write their own intelligent lyrics. 

  157. hahhahhaha yeeessss! listen to HaHaHe.. how stupid has our society become

  158. She’s not as dumb as people once thought. GO BRITNEY!

  159. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys have been keepin dis goin 4 lik 7 monts now………….  rly i dnt approve of brittneys life choices, but hey, give her a break! yes, she made a couple of mistakes bt shes making up 4 them nw and makin a good comeback wit her new music. and idc wat this sng is about, i still luv it! and im a teen and right now im being more mature then some of you pple!  gsh SOME of u need to grow up and get a life and stop waitin for brittney to crash and burn!

  160. p.s.   luv da song! :)   go brit!

  161. p.s.   luv da beat of da song!!!!!!!!   go brit!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. i think everyone should just give britney a chance to clean up her act. n if u dnt like her music then dnt listen 2 it

  163. “If U Seek Amy” In the song, Spears is looking for a woman named Amy in a club, and although it appears to about sex, it is actually about how society perceives her life. The track was co-written and produced by Max Martin, who also wrote previous hits for Spears’ first three albums.

    Why is everyone talking about how clever Britney is?? Do you guys actually think that Britney writes her songs by herself?!?! All her best albums have been produced by a bunch of SWEDISH producers!! (take a look at wikipedia).

    No wonder why they’re so GOOD!!!

  164. All yu Britney hater jump off her swag she iz the shyt ya diigz.da song iz raw

  165. Once a whore always a whore, that’s brits life motto.  Her work shows it.  She’s not the artist she once was.  Even in her interviews she looks like a strung out 20 something straight off a crack house mattress.

  166. To Jayden: Learn English girl and then learn to spell it.

  167. Once a ho always a ho, that’s Brits life motto.  She’s not the artist she used to be.  Even in her interviews she looks like some nasty 20 year old straight off a crack house mattress. She needs to get cleaned up. 

  168. that girl in the vid is a little fuckhead

  169. luv the song
    luv the ”F.U.C.K me” part x]
    forca brit _0/

  170. The reason why nobody thinks this song makes sense is because the real hidden meaning behind this song is not the F-U-C-K me, but “amy” actually means meth.  I’m surprised nobody has really caught onto this yet.  It’s a sexual drug often done late night (closing up the club!) that and “she can’t get her off of her brain”.  It is believed Britney was on meth while going through her troubles a couple years ago, resulting in her violent behavior and shaving her head (to cover up a drug test?).  Furthermore, the “does she take a piece of lime for the drink that I’m a buy her?” is referring to the drug GHB, taken with crystal meth to induce a sexual hypnotic state.  Acidic fruit juice (lime) is mixed with this liquid to cover up the taste.  “Is she smoking up outside?”.  Put the word “meth” in for “amy” and the song will come together.

  171. This song is stupid. Britney is ignorant.

  172. if you hate the song, hate britney, why do you waste your time searching for her and leave lame hate comments – makes no sense – go fuck yourself, its more productive for urself.

  173. Her whole CD is full of songs about sex and innuendos. The song “3″ is all about having a threesome. My kids just can’t listen to Britney anymore.

  174. oMG, she’s so clever i think…hmm…i love her so!!

  175. if you seek amy…
    F.U.C.K. me

  176. BELLA~JO was right. After the chorus there’s a voice in the background saying “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me”. And after the third chorus when she says “Ooohhh, say whatcha want about me, ohhhh, but can’tcha see what I see, ohhh, say whatcha want about me” you hear her softly echo “’bout me, fuck me, fuck me”.  ~♥~

    still loving her big time and have to hand it to her… this song ROCKS!!!!
    f.u.c.k. me yeah yeah!!!!

  178. ohhh and i so agree with Elly’s comment on the 16th October!!
    couldnt have said it better

  179. butt heads.

  180. ok, forget bout the butt head thing, but seriously, all of u guys here are wasting ur time talking bout some next song, that was sooo yeaterday???
    i just came here by accident, n just hope any more people dont waste their time on this no more. Life is short. Enjoy it. Peace!

  181. this site totally sucks

  182. how much time does my comment “await moderation”???

  183. well just to be blunt!!!, uur the 1 commenting more then any1 else on the site, check urself dude!!!! so how about u keep ur comments to urself, its of NO INTEREST TO US WHAT SO EVER!!!!!!! :)

  184. LMAO, toooooooooo funny!

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  186. i really enjoy britney spears as for music entertainment and as an entertainer. i can’t help what she does in her personal life. she has a great body and she can REALLY dance good. she’s battled a lot with her weight so i can relate to her. she’s human just like all the rest of us. she did make some bad choices in life but that’s what mental-illness does to people. i am 25 and i have liked britney spears since i heard her first song “hit me baby one more time” when i was like 12 or 13. i think the if u seek amy song is not about drugs. i think it’s about a bi-sexual girl who lives a closet life style.

  187. i think people have tried way too hard to analyze this simple song.

  188. I dont think the meaning is true it’s stupid but whatever u say britney rocks…. Go BRIT!!

  189. This is so fake…

  190. hi britny spears is a lesbian right

  191. I’m just happy that I finally found this site, I couldnt discover any info on this subject issue just before.I’m generally look for somebody to look at. Many thanks for the comment


  193. Geeez, the Beaner SUCKS!!!

  194. If You Seek Amy is totally about getting fucked. If you just listen to the song and stop trying to analyze it you can see how it starts to spell out the word fuck and then when she says Amy is sounds like me. Even the part where it says “Oh baby baby baby if you seek Amy tonight” sounds like Oh baby baby baby if you sleep with me tonight. Just the way she says the words is how you will figure out the meaning to random songs such as hers. Now the song could be about a drug dealer but it’s unlikely even though she has been a druggie for a while, there’s only one line in her song that suggests this. This could possible be a comeback album about people screwing her over or judeging her, hence maybe why she would “say” fuck me in her song. The love me hate me part also suggests that the song could be about her past along with the drug line. There is no doubt that her song is about sex and the fact that she is Amy, look at the music video for god’s sake. I personally think that the song is just about someone fucking her. The way that she spells out fuck in her song using words as the sound of the letters is the only proof I need for anyone to understand what her song means. Whether you think she’s clever and brilliant or a screw up and stupid bitch is all in the eyes of the beholder and audience.

  195. What is with people making snide comments about Britney Spears? This blog/post thing isn’t about her and the life she lives it’s about her song. So please tell me honestly how her life and your comments about it are some how involved in the song. People quit you’re bitching. Britney is just a person, the song is not, and the song is what you should be discussing. That is the whole point of this.

  196. its F*** me
    F (if) U (you) C (see) K (k) Me ( Amy) it could also be about a drug dealer

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