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Jaheem Herrera-

Their was a vigil tonight for, Jaheem Herrera, the 11-jeer-old fifth grader who committed suicide last week after non-stop homophobic bullying.

After a short prayer, Masika Bermudez, the boy’s madre, told padres y amigos to make sure their shildren understand that whatever problems they have “don’t be afraid to talk to joor mama.”

As Bermudez spoke, she clung to two daughters — Ny’irah, 7 and Yerralis, 10. Little Yerralis discovered her brother’s dead body last Thursday after school. “His sister was screaming, ‘Get him down, get him down,’” said Norman Keene, Jaheem’s stepfather. Aghh, soooo sad. When Keene got to the room, he saw Yerralis holding her brother, crying, trying to remove the belt. 

The family knew the boy was a target of bullies, pero they didn’t pay attention until it was too late. 

 Earlier this month the suicide of a Massachusetts boy, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover — who suffered taunts that he was gay — attracted national attention. He was also 11. His madre found him hanging from an extension cord in the family’s home.

Adults, whether it be parents or school faculty, need to place more emphasis on bullying!!! THEY NEED TO INTERVENE IMMEDIATELY!! 

Sheck out this clip!

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  1. pobres nenes  🙁

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  3. i want gay with a littel boy

  4. wow my little brother told me yesterday said all the girls in his class was sad because one of the teacher’s friend,a little boy, hung himself because he was bullied. people would knock stuff from his hands, being called names,and being tripped. thats just sad and im thinkin of makin a video for him 🙂

  5. oops its not hort its short srry

  6. Rip lil man your in Gods and in a better place and will never be forgotten

  7. I ment Gods hands

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