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Tom Green Playing Sax on Street

Tom Green on streets readers took these pictures of Tom Green blowing the sax on Robertson Blvd & Beverly. Que triste =(

Si, maybe it’s for his web show since there is a camera, pero please even La Coacha gets more people interested. Or maybe since it is on Robertson Blvd, it is a random paparazzi, because el paparazzo are always on that street looking desperately for chisme.

8 Responses to “ This is what has happened to Tom Green’s Career! ”

  1. He was probably doing it for his show… there’s a camera.

  2. While I do doubt he’s this hard up, the camera can be anything. Doesn’t necessarily mean he’s filming a show.

  3. He actually has  a show? On the air?

  4. I was actually there and heard him play. He definitely needs lessons but looked like he was having fun. The guy with the camera seemed like he was there with Tom and the other guy (big guy in shorts) was paparazzi taking pics. Looks like Tom is trying to make a come back 🙂

  5. His show is on most nights at 7pm PST. Watch one or ninety of them, they are fun.

  6. He was filming a bit for his show

  7. Yes. Check his website for the next showing its streams live from the introwebs at

  8. I didnt know this dude was still around.

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