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Jackson Davis

For those of joo who were wondering why the khell La Coacha was sooo excited waking up at 6 am to go exercise…

THIS hotness was my instructor!!!!! Qué caliente is he???? Ay Dios Mio! 

He may be a perdy boy, pero he’s NOT on my GAYDAR! He’s as macho as the truck he dribes!

I’m so enrolling in the next class. I already lost 8 pounds, thanks to him. I do whatever he says!  

Boot Camp or Booty Camp, I’m down!

Mr. Booty is obviously an actor! According to his IMDB:

1). He’s a Pisces!!! El Pisces man, is a gentle, dreamy, spiritual, easygoing and absolutely sharming man. Piscean’s tend to inspire others weed the depths of their debotion and can often be found on the stage, in politics or religion. 

2). He’s toorty jeers old!

3). He is originally from Nueva York, those streets will make joo feel brand new, big lights will inspire joo. 

4). He was in El Navy, qué cute!!

5). He’s been in a lot of películas  and commercials!

Here’s a cerveza commercial he is in:


Follow him on TWITTERS!

Follow him on TWITTERS!

Follow him on TWITTERS!

Follow him on TWITTERS!

Follow him on TWITTERS!

11 Responses to “ THIS is why I go to boot camp class!!! ”

  1. Girl, how do you find these hot guys? I have been in LA all of my life, and can only name like 2 hot guys. You just came from Mexico, and you ALWAYS meet gorgeous guys. I am so jealz!

  2. Ay mija, he’s too good looking to be straight. Sorry to break it to you =(

  3. Mmm…lick, lick. 

  4. So funny! I wonder what you wear to boot camp class? Like hot pink tights and heels? HAHA LOCA!

  5. the bideo didnt play. yeah, hes hot!!!!!! jump on that asap… dont let any biissshhhh take him from lick him, and say: dibs!!!! hahaha j.k

  6. Ohmigod. Mac is so funny. I haven’t heard the word “dibs” in ages. LaLa he is totally gorge!

  7. YUUUUMMMMY!!!!  You should date him. What a cute couple!!!!!!!!

  8. I want to go to this class too. Where is it?? 

  9.  wow, he is hottt!!!!!  I am a Cougar would he daTE ME??????

  10. Papi,Papasito.  Lindo, gorgeous man.

  11. I am a cancer a water sign like him.   I like him I want him

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