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La Coacha and Perez Hilton team up for another funny parody!

Make sure to watch’s and Nicky Minaj’s Korean-Pop music video below as a reference. “Check it out” samples the Buggles’ MTV classic “Video Killed the Radio Star.”

7 Responses to “ Nicki Minaj and “Check it Out” music parody by La Coacha & Perez Hilton ”

  1. hahahahaha love it

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  3. JAAAAAAAjajajajajjaa!! Coacha, joo did such a increíble job! I’ve had all the dey the Check it out song in my cabeza, and now ay listen to joor bersion and ay just gotta sey that joors is mucho better!! and the part when she sings a little reggaeton-ton-ton was the best!!!

  4. I loved the parody!!
    Listen to what perez sez!

  5. Cocha, make zure learns from iu… or dat he checks ur version out @ least!!! ;)

  6. I love your video.

  7. oh,guy,it’i realy great!

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