Posted by: Fred Turd on Saturday, October 1st, 2011 to Chisme, Movie Madness

Story By Eric Elizondo

Mexican comic Gaspar Henaine Perez also known as “Capulina” passed away on Friday at 84 years of age. Perez passed away due to complications with a gastric ulcer. Instead of taking the route of double entendres and adult comedy, Capulina stayed true to innocent and pure comedy which earned him the title “El Rey De Humor Blanco” or “The King Of White Humor”. He got his start as a teenager acting and singing but became famous with his partner comedian Marco Antonio Campos and they became “Viruta y Capulina“. The duo stayed together long enough to film 26 movies, sadly they ended their working relationship due to lack of movie jobs and feuds between the two. Although Viruta y Capulina ended Capulina went on to film 58 more films, record 12 albums, and do theatre and stand-up before retiring because of “old age”.

We know many throughout Latin America are saddened by the loss of this comedic legend and our hearts go out to Capulina’s family and friends.

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