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A radiant Eva Longoria is on the cover of Health magazine’s January 2012 issue.

Here’s what the 36-year-old Desperate Housewives actress had to share with the magazine:

On defining a healthy life: “I remember after my divorce, I was so thin and everyone kept saying how great I looked and it was probably the most unhealthy place I’ve ever been.”

On the pressure to keep up with being “beautiful” in Hollywood: “Oh, God no. I was talking to Kim [Kardashian] about this the other day. I said, “You’re the most beautiful thing in the world,” and she said, “No, you are.” And I said, “No, I used to be.” [Laughs] I was like, “No, honey, I’m old news.”…It takes a village to build me for the red carpet. It’s an illusion created by stylists, hair, makeup. I don’t put as much effort into it as my team does.”

On her biggest health regret: “That time I became a vegan. I love the philosophy behind veganism, but I went from one day eating chicken and meat to eating just salad.”

On her New Year’s resolution: “Travel. Everywhere. Wherever the wind takes me. I could live anywhere; I can learn any language. I just love it. I love being immersed in the world.”

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  1. I could never be Vegan!!!

  2. those latina women are beautiful

  3. She is beautiful, but too skinny for my taste.

  4. I’ve been to her restaurant Beso before. The steak tacos are amazing.

  5. I’ve never heard of this magazine. How did they manage to get Longoria on the cover.

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