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Although Russell Brand filed for divorce five months ago from Katy Perry, their marriage has been brought back into the spotlight, even making it an Ok! Magazine cover story.

Russell Brand appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show recently where he admitted that, despite his divorce from Katy Perry, he still loves the sexy songstress.

Several days later, Perry also appeared on Ellen to reveal more about her “tasteful” mention of Brand in her upcoming 3D movie¬†Katy Perry: Part of Me.

Do we see a possible reconciliation in the fire-works? Well, we at least get to see one in the latest La Coacha parody!

Produced by Maker Studios, “The husband that ran away,” is a spoof of Katy’s,”The one that got away.” Coach to the stars plays her own version of ¬†Perry, renamed¬†Katy Perra (Perra being the Spanish word for biotch.) Youtube celebrity¬†Alex Farnham also joins in all the fun as he does a spot-on impersonation of the quirky, British comedian.

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P.S. Here are some photos for your pop culture catch-up time!

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  1. So wrong, yet so right lol

  2. coachis estas tan loca

  3. These two kids can’t even get a break. sigh.

  4. Ya cause Katy Perra got a new movie to promote.

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