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Chisme Time is hosting a contest to help promote popular Mexican singer Yuridia!!! She is famous for being on the Mexican hit reality chow La Academia, Mexicans love reality chows yust as much as Dr. Whorobitch! Yuridia has mucho chisme, pero she is a talented singer. Here is what weekypeedia has to say:

Yuridia was romantically involved with Edgar Guerrero, whom she met on La Academia. The two have a son, Phoenix (named after actor Joaquin Phoenix). Yuridia’s pregnancy rumors started when she left the TV show Desafio De Estrellas. Her pregnancy was highly publicised. It has been said that she and Guerrero broke up after he wanted her to stay home and take care of their child, leaving her career.

Good for her, she is a career woman and wants to get ahead in this gringo world! Here is her interbiew on Soundcheck:

Ok time for the contest rules. Leabe a comment on dis post and name one of Yuridia’s albums, that is how joo are going to enter into the contest for joor chance to ween an iTunes gift certificate and Unileber products (lotions, sprays, etc)!!!!! All joo hab to do is write down an album name and joo can weeen! How easy is dis??? Put down dat piece of fry shicken and post a comment so joo can brag to joor friends when you ween!!

Winner will be announced on Monday!

Good Luck!!!!

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  1. A friend of mine just emailed me one of your articles from a while back. I read that one a few more. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks

  2. My favorite album by Yuridia

    - Entre Mariposas

  3. La voz de un angel

  4. La Voz De un Angel is the name of uno de sus CD’s


    and did she sing mi reflejo in one of the shows?

    i think it was her.
    but thats my entry of one of her album names

  5. Entre mariposas is one of her albums!!!
    hope i win!
    un beso ciao ciao

  6. la voz de un angeel =)  arriba yuridiaaa, puro sonorita!

  7. “La voz de un angel” was jer girst algum

  8. “Yuridia Remixes” its her newest album featuring all remix songs sung by her! :D

  9. Entre Mariposas - 2007 Album

  10. hahahah

  11. Entre Mariposas (2007) I love Yurida!

  12. Entre Mariposas! :D !

  13. Remixes is her latest….que cute, i wanna weeeen! i could definitely use the itunes gift card!!!

  14. La Voz de un Ángel (2005) - yuridia

  15. La Voz de un Angel.  I used to have a web page about her and it was the number 2 most popular fan site about Yuridia!!! I love her she sings so good, y’all should listen to “El Me Mintio”

  16. my favorite album of yuridia is La Vos De Un Angel and my favorite son gon there is “angel”
    my friend sung that song at the L.A.S.O assembly we had at our high school last year. it was beautiful =]

  17. La Vos De Un Angel.
    Entre Mariposas.
    Habla El Corazon.
    and Yurida Remixes!

    la cocha is hot! i love her.

  18. La Voz de un Angel is my fave.  I love “Angel” and “Lo Siento Mi Amor.”

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