Posted by: La Coacha on Thursday, October 2nd, 2008 to Free Loader

Ok, so a couple of weeks ago, I hosted a Soundcheck/Unilever contest. The winner would win the new PCD Album, “Doll Domination”, along weed a $15 itunes card, and more products. I had asked eberyone to please submit which poosy joo teenk La Coacha likes the most.

For me, it was hard to shoose, becoz technically I am not too crazy about any of them. The main girl, Nicole, is a great singer and bery sexy. Pero she pissed me off when she talked chit about Ryan Gosling. And then there is Melody who has sangre Latina, but for some reason she bores me. But then I realized, I had to go weed La Nicole becoz cheese FILIPINA! FILIPINA! FILIPINA!!! Like DUH!!!

Now, 2 people guessed that part right. CARL y KATRINA. They both left messages around the same time, and even MySpace messages. So I decided to draw a number and Katrina came up. Carlito, maybe that was a blessing. Let the girl listen to Poosy.

Pero, don’t worry. I am starting a new contest next week. I am giving a beautiful silber heart necklace. And if joo have already won a contest, joo can’t win again, so that others have a shance.



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  1. thank you! although, i am bummed i dont get to win any more contests! if i can ever win again, let me know!

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