Posted by: La Coacha on Thursday, January 15th, 2009 to Free Loader

Bijou’s company is giving away these Coacha-esque bangles worth $50. This company works width a lot of Gossip Girls designers!!!  QUE COOL! Where joo think they get those cool head pieces from???  

Leave a comment splaining what joo can wear these bangles width for a shance to win! Winner will be notified on Monday! 

Con todo mi alma, 

La Coacha

6 Responses to “ Feng Junk Giveway! ”

  1. These are so pretty! I can wear them with any casual clothes or I can make a boring outfit colorful with these, like when I have to wear neutral clothes to work, I can spice up my outfit with these.

  2. so la coacha I can wear these weed anything and make it look good. I just got this cute sènor lopez sweater that is red, blue, black, white, and pink and those orange and blue joolahrees wood make my outfit the most shining piece of art where eber I am. I can also wear it weed all the plaid shit I habe. So please la coacha give me the jools that u r wearing ny life wood b fofilled foreber. And I’m brown and proud of it ( from Guadalajara!!!!!!)

  3. If I win these bangles all the mamis in the barrio will be like
    “!Que cute! where did joo get those?”

    now what i could say is get your fake nails off my bangles……

    but since i got them for free, i will say, “hija, joo need to go to and check out la loca Coacha – she be talking about celebrities and giving away stuff like theese. for real.”

  4. la coacha melissa and Jackie have nothing and me and I think I deserve those bangels more than that girl who is pretending to live in the barrio. He’ll I went to school in the barrio of van nuys for four years but you don’t see me bragging like “ima show my homegirls dees joolahrees” like her. Okay Coacha. Give a brother those bangels. It’s my sister and mines 18th bday on february 4th and that would be a nce present for me to give to her and be like “la coacha wore these” and she would die cuz we love you. And for legit it is our 18th bday I’m not lying peace and love and world peace with our new prezident$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$!$!$!$$

  5. La Coacha!!! mira !! you can wear those practically with anything thats casual !!, but i think that they would look best with a white tunic top , some skinny jeans and some carmel color boots but the best thing about them is that you can brag and say you get them from la mera mera La Coacha!!!!!

  6. I would wear these with a pair of thigh high leather boots and a smile ;D

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