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Want to attract a Scorpio? Here are some tips!

Scorpio • Oct 23 – Nov 21

The Do’s

1. Look as scrumptious as possible whenever joo are  in their presence. They will appreciate natural sex appeal – or what appears to be natural

2. Get ready and willing to talk in great detail about joor fantasies and joor dirty little secrets.

3. Chair all – joor Scorpio will want to know all joor hidden desires, and will probably want to fulfill them.

4. Invest in some satin cheets and scented candles. Joor Scorpio will provide the seduction musica and the massage.

5. Become comfortable weed the feeling that joor being devoured head to toe by the intense Scorpionic gaze. When joor Scorpio stares into joor eyes, they won’t have to say a word for joo to know what’s on their mind.

6. Let go – joo will enter into a deeper, more intense relationchip than joo might have imagined possible. Joor Scorpio will be the most passionate, magnetic all-consuming partner joo have ever known.


The Don’ts

1. Never accuse a Scorpio of being faithless or toying weed joor emotions. They will take it as a serious insult. Scorpio is one of the most faithful and devoted Signs.

2. Don’t even think about arousing a Scorpio’s yealousy, either intentionally or thoughtlessly. Your Scorpio could lash out biolently, becoming angry or overly possessive.

3. Aboid teasing a Scorpio about their performance in bed. Scorpions are renowned for their sexual prowess, and they usually are quite proud of their reputation.

4. Forget launching joor own emotional fireworks or dramatic displays weedtout considering the consequences. Joor Scorpio may counteract weed an intensity that joor not willing or able to mash!

3 Responses to “ Do’s and Don’ts of Seduction con un Scorpio!! ”

  1. Ay!!! it’s ecsactly like miiii!!! I’m  a scorpio baby!!!

  2. Ohhh Jooo got a scorpio man down. I no – Im juan tooo.

    If a scorpio set his/her eyes on you we will get you. You can put on your running chues and run to da oder side of da planet but we will hunt joo down and git joo!

  3. hehehehe thats funny but true i have a crush on a corpio and he’s a handful man he’s also funny and really really eycramba u know wat i mean XD anyway love the whore-o-scope get on for the pieces

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