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Guys, I have been beeshing about neck and back pain, pero it’s NOTTING compared to what happened to my Cubano Hermanito last night.

Polo Molina, the “professional” manager of the Black Eyed Peas, has been detained in Canada after he and  assaulted Perez Hilton after the 2009 MuchMusic Awards in Toronto last night.

What happened was…Perez was confronted by Chola Fergie saying, “Joo got a problem?” referring to what Perez said about the BEP new album. Big Freakin’ Deal!! He doesn’t like their new album, pero he always wrote about how he loved Fergie’s solo album! Opinions are Opinions! People take themselves too seriously.

So Fugly runs to Will.I.Am, and I.Am comes up to Perez and starts some street chit in his FACE. They get into an argument, and then Boom Boom Pow! PEREZ GOT PUNCHED IN THE EYE, NOT ONCE, NOT TWICE, PERO THREEEE TIMES!!! Polo was the one who punched him. He was bleeding in the midst of a cholo circle and felt like his eye was gonna fall out. Joo know how scary that is?

“I’m in chock. I need the police ASAP. Por favor come to the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel now. Please,” Perez wrote on his Twitter page following the show.

Despite what Will.I.Am says, Perez did call the cops before he Tweeted. I have called the cops many times, when a robber yumped in my backjard. By the time they came, (an hour or two later), I could have been killed. I’m more likely to get my ass saved from tweeting than from calling 911. I am serious!

“I know that I say things that can really upset people, that’s never a reason to hit someone!” Perez said in his video response.

People talk chit about me, and if I wanted to I could go scrash their eyes out, pero Biolence is Neber the answer!

Hope my Aries feels better =(


13 Responses to “ Beyond Bothered By the Perez Hilton Beating! ”

  1.  WE love you Perezito

  2. Poor Perez. He seemed so sincere. Violence really isn’t the answer. I hate stupid people.

  3. perez we support you. That fucker will pay.

  4. perez tweeted instead of calling the police himself… what an attention whore! i lost all respect for perez. and i checked on TMZ, perez calls a “fucking faggot”…  i find it sad and funny that Perez Hilton is a part of the NOH8 campaign and he called someone a faggot… protest perez hilton!

  5. enough is enough that latino manager will pay a  big prize whixh i see lots of money.  NO CHOLO YOU DO NOT HIT SOMEONE. THANKS GOD HE IS DETAINED IN CANADA. ASSHOLE!!!

  6. PrinceRalph, he called the police but they said since it wasn’t an emergency, they couldn’t show up. Perez was scared and tweeted for people to call the police so they’d realize the extent of the situation. Yes, he shouldn’t have called Will.I.Am a ‘faggot,’ but don’t we all do irrational things when we’re scared?

  7. what he thinks he is chris brown????

  8. Keep that asshole in jail over there in CANADA

  9. You do not hit the Queen of all media IDIOT!!

  10. Polo Molina you are in a Bigggg Messss!!!

  11. you forgot to mention that perez called will a ‘faggot’ which is a word the gay community has been fighting to eliminate for years and that perez himself, very hypocritically, has claimed to be against to the point where he managed to get a greys anatomy cast member fired for his usage of the word…

  12. serenadipity
    then Perez should have gone to the police station and filed a report. I dont care how upset you are the use of that word is not permissible, especially since he is gay. It’s a horrible thing to be called. There is no excuse for violence. Perez shouldnt have been hit, but the way he handled the argument was very wrong.

  13. Coacha u r the best, the way joo told the story got me laughing real good.
    besos corazon!!!!

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