Posted by: La Coacha on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 to Smack the Piñata

robert-pattinson-beaten-on-set-of-remember-me Perez Hilton Punched in Face

At first, I got scared and thought Roberto Pattinson really got beated the chit out of, pero then I found out that El Taurus had makeup done to appear bruised, cut, and bloody on the Nueva York set of his new film, Remember Me.

I usually would do a “Who Whore it Best?” blog out of this, pero, being beaten up ain’t funny. I’m still praying for PeePee Hilton!! Cuidate Papi!


5 Responses to “ Did Patty Get the PeePee Treatment? ”

  1. Te  quiero

  2. Send you hugs

  3. Pollo Molina you are a chicken

  4. Que cabron el “POLLO”

  5. Stay cool

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