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Michael Jackson Dies

 According to TMZMichael Jackson has just died at the age of 50. Such a devastating day. 

Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon and paramedics were unable to revive him. 

Michael Jackson was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital on Thursday, after suffering a possible cardiac arrest.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that the 50-year-old pop legend was rushed to the hospital by the Los Angeles Fire Department following a rehearsal for his big comeback tour, set to kick off in London next month.

Our King of Pop will always live on…

16 Responses to “ Michael Jackson Dies! ”

  1. Oh my god, this is so devastating.

  2. please give me a break; this is so devastating; what about all of the people that die every day and nobody knows who they were or didn’t even give a moment of silence.

  3. Omg That Is So Sad I Cant Believe It Michael Jackson Is Gone.
    R I P To The King Of Pop

  4. May God rest his soul…he was a musical genius and will ALWAYS be apart of Music.

  5. I cannot believe this…… My heart truly hurts!!!

  6. R.I.P  Michael… you will always live in our hearts…

  7. Gone is another great legend !


  9. Soooo sad.

  10. Definetely the best thing that could happen to a major star like Michael Jackson….. He will be remember for his great moments in showbusiness.  His latest scandals were destroying his fame and reputation.    Like Marilyn Monroe he made the best choice to take his life away.     I am really sorry, we will always love him.

  11. Gone is another great legend !!  May he and Farah Fawcett …RIP……

  12. I just heard. My condolences to the family!

  13. i guess he wasn’t able to “beat it”, what a “thriller”

  14. RIP Michael Jackson you’re in the hearts and pants of many boys.

  15. Ipatxx, you are an ass for that comment!you are not one ounce funny!!!

  16. I honestly think overall… he will be missed! The guy knew  how to perform!

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