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 Perez Hilton Punched in Face

This pic of Perezito breaks my corazon =( 

No matter what people say about PeePee, the Aries ALWAYS wins the battle. El Samantha Ronson filed a lawsuit on Perez for some chisme “defamation”, and guess what? Samantha lost and had to PAAAAY Perez a large sum of casheeeng! And let’s not even talk about Miss California losing her crown… 

The only thing that worries me about is that GLAAD (The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is not too glad about his “Faggot” slur. He has always been there for the gay community. I’m not trying to yustify his “faggot” slur, it is wrong, pero he wanted to piss off a cholo, and it reaaaally pissed off that cholo. I have called racist Armenians “beaners” before. It sucks, pero chit happens. I am sure Perez will release an apology soon!

A court hearing will be held on August 5.

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  1. Ay dios!  Perezito is muy drama queen!  He drops the F bomb too much. Mother, mother, mother, mother! But his pink frosted tips are cute.  You hold back those tears girl!  Be strong, Perezito! Give him a tissue : /

  2. i AM worry about his mom.  

  3. LA coacha needs to give Perez some of her chocolate brownies NOW!!!!

  4. pOOR BABY

  5. Perez and La Coacha are crazyyyyy!!!

  6.  Please take care.

  7.  what a crazy mondAY

  8. Everything will be okay

  9. Hahaha good, he got what he deserves.  “I would never hurt anyone like that! booohooo” but I’ll just ruin their lives and their them emotionally hahaha I hope he gets his ass kicked again

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