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taylor-momsen-sweet 16
taylor-momsen-sweet 16

Last night, Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen celebrated her Sweet 16  the Hiro Ballroom in NY. Wearing peenk and  white trach black leather, Taylor looked like a mini Courtney Love. The wannabe pop rock star then performed with her band “The Pretty Reckless”. Who the khell performs at their own birthday party? We all know cheese trying toooo hard!

2 Responses to “ Chisme Chica Celebrates Sweet Sixteen! ”

  1. I thought she looked awful. Her make-up is stripper-esq and her dress is way too slutty for a 16 year old. Whoever let her walk outta the house like that is an idiot. I would be embarrassed as a parent if my daughter looked like that in public. I’m sorry, but she’s grown up too quikly.

  2. she’s SIXTEEN?? she looks horrible for a 16 yr old… what happened to looking young & fresh & healthy instead of a sickly old 30-something fake rock star… wtf.

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