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David Arquette dissed me and mi hermanas in a recent interview saying:

“I think Latina women are, I mean, it depends on the woman, pero I think they are bery, they have great judgment, pero there are some that are just nuts. I’m just saying.”

After a Latina uproar, the Birgo immediately apologized saying:

“I would like to issue an apology for the comments I made on Fox and Friends. My intent was to be humorous and not offensive. I have NOTTING pero love and respect for Latina women and women in general of all cultural backgrounds. What saddens me most is that it took away from the issue of Hunger in America, for which I was on the show to begin with. I work and a pantry in Venice California with a hispanic women named Delpia (who has been feeding people at St. Joseph’s Center for 29 years) and cheese my personal hero. Having been raised in Los Angeles, Mexico I have grown up with a deep and profound love for the Latino culture.”

Whatever dude! Save it!

How dare joo say us Latinas are CRAZY! Cabron!

3 Responses to “ “I Think Latina Women Are Just Nuts,” Says David Arquette! ”

  1. Oh no he didn’t……This jerk has been smoking too much of Jennifer Aniston’s weed. One thing I notice is white men are such weak pansy. They have no back bone, they weasel out what their white women want them to say. I believe he is gay any way.

  2. eef he was cute i would be offendeded but hes ugly, and i agree with joo Carla he is gay I mean who would date Jenifer Aniston she looks like a man with good hair anyways… besides joo all know he only dating her cuz he wanted to be close to the brad peet penis! Second hand vagina with a heent of peet’s penis way insides. cochino!
    ~mom from Texas~

  3. well,i have to say that the most of men that say these kind of commentaries are gays,or they have impotence problems or bipolar as Mel Gibson.So they are frustrated with attractive sensual women.Deep inside them self they feel angry and frustrated so they have no option but hate beautiful girls.

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