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Living with Michael Jackson was a documentary, in which British journalist Martin Bashir interviewed Michael Jackson over a span of 8 months, from May 2002 to January 2003. It was shown first in the UK on 3 February 2003 and in the US three days later on ABC, introduced by Barbara Walters.
Martin Bashir put the proposal to Jackson as a way to show the world the truth about him and make nothing off limits. Jacksons decision to make the documentary was made on the suggestion by his close friend Uri Geller. It later emerged that Geller had turned down another bid for the interview by journalist Louis Theroux. The interview was very unusual, as it had been extremely rare for Jackson to allow such access to his personal life, or to talk so freely about his traumatic childhood. Nevertheless, he did show some reserve when asked to discuss other personal issues, such as the plastic surgery he has had.

Jackson felt betrayed by Bashir and complained that the film gives a distorted picture of his behaviour and conduct as a father. He claims that Bashir, in the final version of his interview, used only that material which supported Bashirs opinion of Jackson, which was not a favorable one.
Jackson filed complaints with the UKs Independent Television Commission and the Broadcasting Standards Commission.
Jacksons lawyers claimed in a British High Court case against Martin Bashir and Granada TV that the documentary was a breach of contract and breach of confidence. The proceedings were put on hold when Jackson was charged with 10 felony counts in late 2003, but the proceedings could continue after since Jacksons acquittal. However this is unlikely following his death.
Ann Kite, a public relations consultant hired by Jacksons advisers to counter negative publicity, called the documentary a PR-disaster.

This documentary really gets to the core of how psychologically damaged our poor Michael was. My heart aches watching it.

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  1. I saw no controvery in what MJ stated in this doc.  He clearly stated on numerous occasions, he did not “sleep” in the same bed.  I heard it I understand it, what was wrong with the media and filmakers?  People across America were on MJ’s side even if the media chose not to report that

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  3. who the fuck u think u are to judge Michael like that?? he simply loves children, is that so hard to understand?

  4. He seemed like had some serious personality disorders, and that he was very lonely.
    Although I feel for his family, I think that he made his choices in life and faced the consequence.

  5. Martin Bashir is NOTHING but wasted space !!  He asked things that were none of his buisness and who cares if Michael didn’t tell him the truth to things, that is his right as a human being. I wouldn’t tell Martin Bashir what color the grass was if he asked me !!  Michael was a WONDERFUL father & Entertainer and SHAME on those that believe otherwise !!  May You Rest In Peace Michael !! 

  6. Please remove Martin from ABC. He killed Michael Jackson…

  7. I felt sorry for Michael Jackson during that interview.  I did not like some of things Martin Bashir said.  I even thought he was rude to Michael Jackson’s kids and you could tell he thought so too.  I was a fan of his and never got the chance to meet him, but I find it hard to believe that he committed any crime when he loved kids so much.  I am extremely close with my niece and nephews.  Does that make me a bad person?  I don’t think so so why were people so against the King of Pop?  I think he died way to soon, but all any of us can hope is that he is at peace and his family finds peace too!

  8. I would have chased that bashir out of my home if I was Michael, so rude and clearly not liking Michael or his children. Michael didn’t seem to have friends with strong personalities to hlep him deal with scum like Bashir. Michael saw only good in people, Bashir was like a wolf waiting behind a tree for a victim. Such a surly faced snake - I wouldn’t entertain that man for 8 minutes never mind 8 months. People like Bashir are the reason men cannot show affection to kids if they want to, men have feelings too, if it was a woman holding hands with a twelve year old girl there wouldn’t be a word about it. Stew you Bashir, your mind is a sewer.
    Love Michael Jackson for EVER!

  9. Martin Bashir is 80% responsible for Michael Jackson’s untimely demise. I still loathe him quite intensely for what he put Michael through. That man used Michael’s vulnerability to boost his status and for that I say “rot in hell, Martin Bashir.”

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  11. The blind faith that people put in celebrities is down-right scary even when the evidence is right there in front of them. To say that Bashir is responsible for his death is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

  12. Miss you MJ…

  13. A fit answer that balmegame!

  14. Yes Martin Bashir had a hand in killing MJ!  He edited and created a documentary that was slanted and disdainful.  He didn’t interview Michael he indicted him and never gave Jackson a chance.  He cast MJ in a horrible light and caused some lawyer watching to call the family of that kid up to press charges.  I think he more than has blood on his hands.  He’s no journalist… He’s  a bigoted bastard… who judged MJ on his appearance and eccentricities… I hope ABC gets enough hate mail against him that they drop his sorry ass off of nightline!

  15. Martin Bashir pre-judged Michael Jackson in his documentary from the start. He WANTED the world to see Michael Jackson as a sick and disturbed person. And why? Because Michael was different to how Bashir and most people are! And if you are different, you are bad. That’s the morality of all philistines and hypocrites. We owe Martin Bashir some very important words and footage of Michael, yes. I do understand and like Michael Jackson a lot more now than before. But Martin Bashir misused Michael’s trust and wanted to give HIS negative personal opinion about Jackson, and this is immoral. Martin Bashir didn’t kill Michael directly, but he was certainly one element, one of many people who brought Michael Jackson down and caused him to be heartbroken and finally die. Michael was far too over-sensitive to survive such an amount of hatred by people! – But I know we all WILL pay for our heartless words and doings in our lives. I personally believe Michael was incapable of hurting and sexualy abusing a child; he was a child himself and might even have been a-sexual. But I don’t KNOW that for sure either; it’s just my impresson by what I saw and what all (not prejudging) people said who met Michael personally: he was gentle, loving, caring, pure and innocent.)  But the world is full of cold hearts that hate what they don’t understand and WANT to believe everything bad about a person they don’t like even without any proof … There is a lot we can morally learn out of Michael’s life and death and how someone like him gets treated by so many. …


  17. I DESPISE Martin Bashir for the way he twisted the interview and CAUSED the following years of TORMENT for Michael Jackson. Martin Bashir should be made to ALWAYS REMEMBER that HE WAS RESPONSIBLE for the horrible circus Michael would face for the rest of his life. If you watch the original documentary, you will see the insinuations. Gavin Arvizo HAD TO CLAIM SEXUAL IMPROPRIETY, otherwise he would always have been taunted by other kids for his “sexual” relationship with Michael Jackson (which was clearly NOT TRUE if you watch the original documentary). If YOU were Gavin Arvizo, the documentary would have put YOU in such a bad light, YOU would have sued MJ, too!

    BASHIR IS THE ONE HUMAN BEING TO BLAME for Michael’s problems, and he should be forced to ALWAYS REMEMBER IT, thanks to that HORRIFIC yellow-journalism “documentary” he was responsible for.

  18. Martin Bashir betrayed Micahel Jackson. He is the cause of his death. I know God is just and because he was raised of In Africa people sleep with adults and there is no homosexaulity in Africa. That is called cultural class definition made up by men and not by God. Martin chose to use this documentary for his own career promotion and risk such a loved man to die. Michael did a good job for God-loving kids. God will deal with Martin. Anyways the good bye to Neverland so as to sell out someone who welcomed him to his home and spoke sincerely to him. Thank you Martin-good thing Michaels funs are greiving just so much and we are all disappointed by you, but God is the judge, dont judge Michael.

  19. Just looking at Michael Jacksons face and listening to the tone of his voice, the intonation etc., witnessing his extreme politeness and his tolerance towards this interviewer, is a strong indication that Michael was too good, too soft a person perhaps. I mourn his death , but I will always admire his genius and his love for people.
    Never blame Michael Jackson any more please.

  20. no homosexuals in africa. bashir caused mj’s death. i happened by chance on this thread and it delivered on the laffs…what a bunch o whacksjobs!

  21. Go to hell, MARTIN BASHIR! U are a scumbag! I also feel that MJ is too soft and kind for his own good! I also feel the interviewer is too rude! When MJ politely decline his request, he still insist! I will have be firm and asked tat BASHIR shit to go out! And Yes, I seriously think he play a part in making MJ feel worse too! And, Just because MJ share bed with kids, wat’s wrong with it?!! Why make it until like wat big sins tat MJ committed?!! And MJ’s Dad, cousin and some fans are just as bad! Insulting on his looks like this, hurting him like this! Go to hell! Really pissed off with all these shitty people who should have go to hell first~ I am not his fan, but I am utterly disgusted by the ugliness of all these lousy people! It’s MJ’s personal life and he can do wat he want with it, as long as he don’t harm anyone! And Yes, do not blame MJ anymore~ He is a irreplacable icon and no 1 can ever replace him~ A Legend who will always live on in my heart!!!

  22. I’m glad Martin Bashir ruined his  own reputation by doing this, this is obviously biased and slanted. Michael said he didn’t even sleep in the same bed! and it was rare that they slept in the same room, and they asked permission to sleep in the same room and wanted to. If I was a kid, I would have wanted to too! The kids loved being around him! Did they show any of that in this documentary? Did they show footage of when all the kids from make a wish went on his rides? Yeah Michael Jackson had a screwed up childhood, or lack there of and he had the money to relive it. Give him a break. He had a shitty nose job! Give him a break!
    People are so judgemental and perverse, which is the very reason why Michael didn’t like being around adults, they didn’t show the part where he says that all throughout his childhood, he was around adults and nightclubs and never got to play! How convenient of Martin to cut that part out! If you spent your childhood doing nightclubs, you wouldn’t hang out with adults for fun either!
    yeah he was a lavish spender but did they talk about how much he donates. He had a screwed up life, the poor kid was pushed to be famous and he had millions at his disposal, so he was eccentric! He  had a good heart, though and he was much smarter than they portrayed him as. Michael wanted to show the world who he was and Bashir betrayed him, its so sad. Bashir was sooo rude and mean and insulting to the poor guy and still Michael was polite. I love Mike.

  23. Thanks for posting this doc. I never saw the Martin Bashir doc.

    I have to wonder how he can sleep at nights? Martin single handedly caused the world to turn against him. I believe that is what is the root cause for the broken heart that MJ died of.

    I used to ask my husband, “how can AMERICA ever apologize to MJ?” I now know the answer doesn’t rest with AMERICA, but with Martin Bashir.

    I cannot believe he would ask and film such personalized questions! That guy is just SICK! None of what he asked pertaining to MJ’s private life NEEDED to be discussed with the WORLD.. or even Martin!

    MJ was so terribly misunderstood. That is a terrible shame. And the worse shame is that he is finally UNDERSTOOD now.. when it’s too late to matter.

    God Bless Michael, I pray he rests in peace. He truly had the mind and INNOCENCE of a child. And personally, I saw absolutely NOTHING wrong with what turned into “the Blanket incident.” MJ was only showing the child to his fans because they wanted to see Blanket. Period. END OF STORY. And for that the media made a ruccus and field day, trying to hang blame on a purely innocent man. I suppose the media could not comprehend truth because they are so riddled with lies themselves.

    RIP Michael. The world LOVES YOU.

  24. Jen,

    Right, they did show the Michael REPEATEDLY stated he slept on the floor.. in a sleeping bag. How did this get so out of control????

    You are right to ask “did they show any of the kids from make a wish on the rides with MJ.” I’d like to know why Martin did not show any of the clips of kids ASKING and BEGGING To sleep in MJ’s room. If I were a kid, I too, would be asking the SAME THING.

    So one sided. It’s a sad thing to see how people in this world will believe LIES over truth! MJ knew that. I know that. And any person who is of the TRUTH knows and sees what was done to MJ.

    I truly feel MJ. 

    I’d like to subit to MJ his own song, “you are not alone.”  From me, to him. Also the song “smile,” and “childhood.”  If folks only stopped to THINK.. just once.. after hearing his song of his childhood.. well, who knows.

    NOw they are seeing everything MJ has told us come true! Starting with the Vitaligo, and then to his family and father.

    Oh Michael. I pray you are in a better place!

  25. ps-

    And when they start with the MD’s to prosecute, I believe they should go after Martin Bashir as well. He started the ball rolling.

  26. I am now wondering if  Martin Bashir is unable to sleep. At the end of his documentary he stated he did not know if  he totally believed MJ. “Who cares” Does he believe him now. Particularly since the Pepsi commercial was aired. Bashir was so intent on making a name for himself that he forgot to be human. He probed and prodded on the topic of MJ wanting to be white. MJ knew who he was and he was more than happy with his ethnic background. He had no control over vitiligo or his Lupus. I have Lupus also and you have to stay out of the sun. Does Bashir understand now why MJ carried an umbrella around. Rev. Al Sharpton called it right, there was nothing strange about MJ, people like Martin Bashir was strange. Things are not always what they seem.  But you made it something that it definitely was not. MJ was an “Angel on Earth” who did not have it in him to hurt N E one. May God Bless U N E way Martin Bashir

  27. I believe that Michael just love children no matter what anyone says about him.  I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL.

  28. Martin Bashir is an Asshole! He like the rest of the media just wanted a good story to prove that his opinion(s) had some ground to stand on, he is part of the domino effect that took place with the lies, and rumors targeted at Michael that were unfair and he did betray Michael’s trust, he twisted his words and put his own views. This did effect Michael because he is just an overly sensitive person, he takes anything negatively said about him to heart, and he cries and feels real bad and gets down.  He choose to be reserved cause he felt even if he got close to anyone they would stab him in the back, he trusted children cause they would not judge him, he had so much love, his kindness was pure… MIchael was right there is not enough love or people who care about a complete stranger or their child, he was blessed with wealth and he gave so generously, I don’t even think he cared about money, what brought Michael Jackson joy was to see an innocent child happy.  So what if the kids wanted to stay in his room, what is wrong with them sleeping in his bed…he slept on the floor, played their favorite movies feed them, gave them warm milk, set up a fire place…they played games, talked , laughed, shared secrets…Michael just enjoyed that, a lot of adults do not spend quality time with their kids this way.  We all know the truth, and seen threw Martin Bashir’s attempt to Assainate  Michael’s character  to the best of his ability for personal gain, just a disgusting way to get himself credited as a good reporter.  I will never listen to him, the questions was like Michael was being intreagated as if he committed a crime, so unfair and he made it seem as if Michael was doing something wrong, he never had a child hood, and everywere he went he had no privacy so what he created his Neverland as a place were he can be free, and away from people like Martin Bashir putting him under a microscope, annalyzing every move he made, Michael was not allowed to just live and be himself because of all the judgements made against him, so unfair, what an ugly world we live in, so prejudice against someone if they don’t do things what society deems as normal, Michael had a different life style he was the Biggest Entertainer in the world what did they expect or want from him, now look they killed him! He was a gentle, caring, innocent, pure person, wonderful father that ever lived an absolute Angel on earth, there will never be another Michael Jackson an extraodinary talent.  I miss u Endlessly R.I .P Michael Jackson

  29. you will live forever in our hearts…we love you, michael!

  30. I think Martin Bashir is a total idiot, he’s a looser, and anyone like him like Michael said all those reporters/Poprazzi who make up stories and tell lies should all burn together! Martin Bashir is such an ignorant Asshole, he totally turn the interview towards his personal views and opnions of Michael, not showing us everything , of the way he was at Neverland, with the many children who come for a day of happiness, and special moments with his kids, instead of constantly asking him uncomfortable questions about his childhood, which Michael hated, and the bad things that took place in his life.  Michael would never hurt any child he loved kids! What Michael Jackson has done is remarkable, there is not 1 celebrity or wealthy person that I know of  or read about that purchased a ranch and created a place for sick and under previledged children to go were they could have anything they ever wanted for a day! he is the only Entertainer who thought of this nobody has even gave him credit for this? He made a wonderland for kids, they could eat all the ice cream, candy, any treat heir little heart desired, at no cost everything was for free!!! he did not have personal gain it wasn’t for anyone to notice it came from his heart. He never did anything wrong I totally agree with Michael, there isn’t nothing wrong with giving someone your bed and he took the floor, if it was a woman would the media even care? if a woman gave some kids the bed and she slept on the floor? no they wouldn’t cause that’s not moraly correct.  What did he do?  he entertained the kids and created beautiful memories  that they could hold on to, talked, played games,  watched movies? c’mon what is wrong with any of that? not a damn thing! he loved children genuinely . He gave generously, to charities, even in in will 20% goes to charities, he was real with everything he did, There is no celebrity that i read about that open their home to a child off the street, or tried to help a child with a terminal illness in this way to invite that child to live with them so that they could have hope, be a real friend to a child? not by writing to the child or making donations, but actually being a real friend and Michael mantained his friendship with every child even years later! Michael did this, that is so priceless, so kind of him to do for any one. He used his wealth for good, he was so unselfish.  we must all  Remember he had no child hood, No privacy, no memories of being a kid, so what! he was a grown man who still didn’t want to grow up, he was never a kid all his life this was his way of recapturing those years again…no one could ever understand his pain or live with his burden that he carried for so long, nobody! cause he was Crowned The king of POP! The number 1 Entertainer in the world! that is some big shoes to fill, not anyone of us could endure his unhappiness, or understand this, his life was different from anybody , they just wouldn’t leave him alone….look how gentle he was?, pure, no hate inside of him, he love children, animals, complete strangers, his innocense is so honest.  This was a Remarkable man, nobody is perfect… it wasn’t fair what was done to him, how everybody judged him, he knew he never done a damn thing wrong! he was so sensitive, so anything negative he heard hurt him deeply, broke his heart. This interview along with any other bad tabloid write up on him, made him feel down on himself he hated it, these things that were said about him helped kill him. He could not take it, he did not like it,  like he said pure garbage! his come back was big for him, he was going to prove to the world that he was still Michael Jackson.  I could go on and on, it’s my opinion, but I feel Michael was misunderstood, misjudged, and this is an example of  the media who build u up and Create u, they even praise u ,as a huge star, But The media is also very mean and negative, u make 1 slip up and they are savage and they tear u apart and bring u down, they can even destroy a career, people read and believe everything that the media writes or reports, they never consider the person who they are writing about, they say things that are mean and damaging to 1’s self.  In this case Michael’s down fall was not entirely the media fault, but they had a big role in his death Martin Bashir is 1 who is on the list of abusing Michael’s trust, he could have shown so much more about Michael in his documentary he choose to show things that were focused on his face, his past, things that haunted Michael in his present, and a trial that accused him of something he never did, his darkest moment in his life and career, something that destroyed him, that was a heartless  thing for martin Bashir to do, he acted like a police officer instead of a compassionate person who understood what Michael went through, he was An arrogant Son of a bitch! who did not care about Michael Jackson, all he wanted was his story! Michael said in that interview I”I never want to be buried, I want to live 4ever!” it’s too bad his wish will  never came true.  Michael we will always love u 4ever and a day, U live inside our hearts and u are missed terribly, we want u back .  Now u can sleep. R.I.P  Michael Jackson

  31. i love you michael martin u are such a asshole i cant stand ppl like you get a fuckin life because if yo kids die  would kill yo self to michael aint do nun wrong u just a fuckin hater back off of him every thing he said is true the world need more love or all of us will be in hell and yall not takin me down and yall did not take michael down he sweet and innocent and im like him i love the children they make u happy everytime u c a worried child smile it makes your heart feel good mike i knoe wat you mean man if i was u i would have just told the tabloids kiss my a** thats how u looked on this interview like thats wat u wanted to say and i aint mad at u some ppl just will never understand the things u been through and why u act ike that!!!!!!!!!

  32. The most effective way to get Martin Bashir of the air is to contact advertisement on ABC Nightline and let them know that your family, friends, and co-workers will not buy their products if ABC continues with Bashir.

    The pocket matters.

  33. I think it is so sad.  I think, and of course, Im sure you have heard of this by now, but I feel this interview was the beginning of the end.  I feel so shitty inside knowing that such a beutiful man went through so much crap while he living, much of it undeserved.  More and more each day, it seems like people were always out for his money weather they be a reporter, some dumb fuckin kid, claiming Michael molested him.  I hope he is now getting the full peace he was long overdo for on earth.  My heart goes out to him and his family.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him.  Don’t worry when the time is right, I will write about Michael and say all the right and good things about him. 
    thanks thats it for now.

  34. Dear friends!We just never going to new the trueth why our Michael died!!!!I cant belived this stupped  police call this investigation is homoside.Nothing is been done!Nothing!!!!!Michael Jackson been killed by somebody’s order.Nobody even been arrested yet.Maybee we all MICHAELS FANS need to go to CAlifornia and demonstrate against this stupped  investigators who is really comering somebody’s ass!!!!!


  36. Michael may have died in body in June but his spirit died back in 2003 after the stupid Bashir interview. He was never the same.  All his love and trust of people, fans and children went out the window.  He vowed to never let anyone close to him again.  Bashir I hope you are happy knowing that you caused one of the most loving and giving people in this world to loose all faith in Human kindness.  You are a jerk and I hope you rot in hell.

  37. I wish Michael was alive and wish he could be in hiding so the assholes wouldn’t have been able to kill him for his money. He didn’t deserve what happened to him and his kids should be growing up with him in their lives. But thanks to some peoples greed over his money that wont be happening. The people who did this to MJ need to be really punished. And I don’t just mean possibly 4 years in jail like they are saying about Dr. Conrad Murry. He and who ever else was involved need to get life in jail. That is my opinion anyway. I cant believe the let Murray out on bail and let him go back to work. What if this happens to someone else out there. Even if MJ did have an addiction to pain meds I still blame the doctor for all of this. He was the one who gave MJ the dose he od on. And I am sorry but Murray being a doctor he cant say he didn’t know that amount would have killed him. All of this makes me really mad. I have been so sad since MJ has died. He was an awesome person and he still should be alive 2day. I can’t imagine what his family is going through since all of this has happened. My heart goes out to them especially Prince,Paris and Blanket.

  38. It seems to me everyone wanted a piece of michael so to speak, they’d do anything just to say they’ve been with or around him even tell and document lies, martin Bashir main objective was to deceive michael, and Michael being the trusting , loving person that he is let him in, martin just like the devil came to steal, kill and to destoy his reputation. but you reap what you sow so martin your day will come you know what intentions were from the beginning anything for money.

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