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Congressman Pete King

TMZ captured NY Congressman giving a controversial tirade saying:

“For the last, I don’t know how long now, this lowlife Michael Jackson, his name, his face, his picture is all over the newspapers, television, radio. All we hear about is ‘Michael Jackson’. And let’s knock out the psychobabble. This guy was a pervert, a child molester, he was a pedophile, and to be giving this much coverage to him day in and day out, what does it say about us and this country? Everyone is too politically correct. No one wants to stand up and say ‘We don’t need Michael Jackson’. He died, he had some talent, fine. There are people dying everyday. There are men and women dying in Afghanistan. Let’s give them the credit they deserve. The media has disgraced itself. I think there are too many people in public life have made fools of themselves by talking about Michael Jackson as if he is some kind of hero. There’s nothing good about this guy, maybe a good singer, did some dancing, but the bottom line is, would you let your child or grandchild be in the same room as Michael Jackson? It would be horrifying. Anyway, let’s take some time out to really look at the people who make this a great country. The men and women of the armed forces, police, firefighters, teachers in really rough neighborhoods, people who volunteer with dying cancer patients, people who work at AIDS clinics. They’re the ones we should be glorifying. Not some pervert like Michael Jackson.”

Watch the clip here!

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  1. I guess the great congressman does not believe in the justice system. If he (Jackson) was acquitted of all charges of pedophilia why is he (the senator) still making these accusations against a dead man? 3 hearty Shames for our dear senator (SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! ON YOU!!)

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  3. Hum, before everyone here accuses Michael Jackson of these disgusting charges, let us take a close look at “Jordan Chandler”. He was the first 13 yr old boy who filed charges, causing Michael Jackson’s downward spiral in 1993. Jordan Chandler proceeded to have a book written called “Michael Jackson Was My Lover” which sales between $200-500. I am a true victim, I was molested as a little girl and I would NEVER share details with the world. Jordan Chandler would be scarred for life after what he claimed Michael Jackson did to him. His Uncle “Raymond Chandler” felt he too wanted to write his own book about Jordan Chandlers experiences “All That Glitters”. Then Jordan’s Sister Lilly Chandler had a book written called “Be Careful Who You Love: Inside the Michael Jackson Case”. Because I am a victim, I can assure no one in my family would EVER try to profit off me! June Chandler (Jordie’s mother) is presently an acting coach for children and finally his father Evan Chandler is an aspiring screenwriter.
    How is Jordan Chandler today? Recent photos: WARNING THESE PHOTOS ARE VERY HARD TO VIEW AFTER ALL THE INTENSE THERAPY THIS POOR MAN ENDURED OVER THE YEARS. The title of blog is perfect! “Time flies when you’re living off of Michael Jackson’s money!”

    And a little paragraph from “Wikipedia”
    Evan Chandler sued Jackson for around $60 million, claiming Jackson had breached an agreement never to discuss the case. In 1999, a court ruled in Jackson’s favor and threw out the lawsuit. Today, Jordan Chandler is in his late twenties living in a $2.35 million home in Long Island under an assumed name. He and his family also own a high-rise apartment in Manhattan and a condominium in Santa Barbara. June Chandler’s second marriage ended sometime afterward. Jordan Chandler and Jackson never spoke to each other again; he received his last installment from Jackson in June 1999.
    From one victim to another

  4. This guy (jackson)was a real wack job and now he’s a hero deserving of a U.S postal stamp like sharpton is wanting? Holy crap what is this country coming to? I guess he could be our national pedophile

  5. Republican Pete King of NY owes the world an apology!

    Write/call the following addresses below and register your complaint. Regardless of your personal feelings of Michael Jackson, no elected official should come out on VIDEO saying the things he did against another American who was tried and found NOT GUILTY by a jury of his peers. Absolutely disgraceful Congressman!

    (R) Pete King, NY


    Washington Office
    339 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20515
    Phone: 202-225-7896
    Fax: 202-226-2279

    Massapequa Park
    1003 Park Boulevard
    Massapequa Park, NY 11762
    Phone: 516-541-4225
    Fax: 516-541-6602

    Suffolk County

    Email: [email protected]

    Write and call these offices to register complaints against the Congressman.

  6. Pete king is right why are we paying so much attention to a pervert

  7. It’s a shame people like this are even considered “leaders in our country.” Regardless of your personal opinion Congressman (which have no facts to support them), have the decency to keep your comments to yourself while his family is mourning. Michael Jackson and his family deserve that respect. i don’t belive michael is any of that i believe he was just a famous and talented guy that someone just wanted money off of him by telling a lie. i guess it is hard to belive there are nice people in this world. i belive pete just wanted publicity.

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  9. It’s a shame people like this are even considered “leaders in our country.” Regardless of your personal opinion Congressman (which have no facts to support them), have the decency to keep your comments to yourself while his family is mourning. hello he was accused not convicted.  Michael Jackson and his family deserve that respect. i don’t belive michael is any of that i believe he was just a famous and talented guy that someone just wanted money off of him by telling a lie. i guess it is hard to belive there are nice people in this world. i belive pete just wanted publicity. michael seemed like he was a sweet and really nice person who had hard times in his life like everyone else. try not to look at the bad about a person and focus on the good. when people wach the news do you look for something good or bad?

  10. It’s a shame people like this are even considered “leaders in our country.” Regardless of your personal opinion Congressman (which have no facts to support them), have the decency to keep your comments to yourself while his family is mourning. hello he was accused not convicted. Michael Jackson and his family deserve that respect. i don’t belive michael is any of that i believe he was just a famous and talented guy that someone just wanted money off of him by telling a lie. i guess it is hard to belive there are nice people in this world. i belive pete just wanted publicity. michael seemed like he was a sweet and really nice person who had hard times in his life like everyone else. try not to look at the bad about a person and focus on the good. when people wach the news do you look for something good or bad?

  11. Pete seems like a good man. He was one of only a handful of Republicans against impeaching Clinton.
    Read my take on this, and keep coming back for more good content.

  12. I completely agree with with Peter King. He is correct in his summation of Michael Jackson and I couldn’t say it better then that. Yes he new how to sing and he new how to dance. He also knew how to consume large amounts of drugs and pay people to get rid of molestation charges. Enough is enough folks. Be rationale and call like it is.  People who set out to do good for others and not just themselves are the resal hearoes. Jackson set out to do some good for children however I think he primarily did this to take the pressure off his illegal behavior.

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  15. King is correct however, perhaps he shouldn’t have did it the way he did it.  I do not believe Michael Jackson deserves to be treated like a God.  He’s a man and a great entertainer however, what about people like Farah Fawcett who died the same day.  She’s a great person but, we don’t talk about her anymore.   I agree with Pet King, we are obsessed with being politically correct.  Why do Americans always have to give into the ways of others anyways.

  16. I think the congressman  is right and I can care less about the guy he was sick and it is a bad example to our kids to make an idol out of  a person with so many problems like drug addiction r u kidding just because someone is good at something it means he is a good person I don’t think so. rip

  17. I agree Katherine. Michael was not a good example. He was not someone I would allow in my home let alone allow children to be near.
    Forget the thing with kids even though he admits to “sleeping” with  many of them. Just look at what a demented mind would think up a thing like Thriller. Or a dance with the imitation skelleton on the elephant man. His last rehearsal is a dementive version of a Nazi March Goose Step. Yes, he was not a nice person. Talented?? Maybe  but not talent I cared to see. Oh, and the moon walk… Jackson stole that. Jimmy Cagney did it before Jackcon was born.

  18. While I understand he may have his opinion, but lets be real everyone. How many years has the media celebrated Elvis whom by the way was 10 yrs older than Priscilla. Oh they treat him like an American hero. He was in fact a child molestor, she was in high school when he was with her. And how many of us have skeletons in our closet that no one will ever know of. He was acquitted what more do people want. Would I have left my kids with him. HELL NO! But I don’t leave my kids with 99% of my family. So with that being said as with everyone when they pass away celebrate the contributions he made to the entertainment industry, a person like him comes once in a lifetime. There has never been one like him and there will never be another.

  19. i agree 100% Michael Jackson was a child molester and I’m glad he is dead. I don’t understand how people can look at Michael Jackson and see role model

  20. Not once, but twice the child molestation allegations surfaced against Michael Jackson?  The 20 some million dollar settlement?  The description given by the victin of Michael Jackson’s genitals of the exact marks and discoloration??  The Jesus juice (Alcohol)???  The transcripts????  And, the interview with Michael Jackson’s and his own shocking admission that he sleeps in the same bed as children in their underwear who are not related to him????  SICK….  he was found not guilty, but there’s far enough convincing info. for me to say it is what it is, looks like, quacks like, walks like a duck…. it’s a duck dammit!!!   He’s a pedophile and that supercedes any of his music or dancing.  MJ will be remebered as a child molester…

  21. Bottom line is our children sleep a little safer with this monsters death..However; They may bury  (it ) at  Forest Lawn Cemetary where my great grandparents and many other relatives rest.  I wrote a letter of protest but have yet to receive a reply.

  22. Awesome!  Finally someone stands up and says what we are all thinking…the guy had some good songs, but so did Charles Manson…Michael Jackson is a weak pervert who should have been slain LONG AGO!  Good riddance! 

  23. Oh yeah…everyone that is talking about our Judicial System…go blow yourselves…it doesn’t and has not worked when it comes to rich people…so, you believe OJ didn’t kill his wife, too right?  LOL!  You’re hideous…I am so happy the world is rid of a pestilence such as Michael Jackson…

  24. He was a pedophile, and I salute this politician for taking the high road and calling it as it is,we have become a country that forgets very fast, we are a country of sheep, that makes it great for free enterprise, but what about morality?  if I were not guilty of  pedophilia  I would have used the 20 million to defend myself, my reputation would have been far more important than settling a lawsuit! I have 2 children and I thank god he is gone! keep celebrating him while everyone makes a little money for awhile, including his family.

  25. FINALLY…someone in the public eye had the balls to say this.  The second I heard he had died I did not feel bad for even a nano second, I actual smilled a bit…this guy was a child molester and everyone knows it…people that decide to ignore are those who do not see what’s in front of their eyes. I’m glad he’s dead, yea he got acquitted of the charges but ultimetly he paid a price which was death at an early age but you know what I honestly think he got off easy, nice quick death was way too light on him.  Like Tom says above if he were really innocent like some still think he would have not settled on the law suits; if I were being charged with the same crimes I would be in and out of courts the rest of my life if necessary not caring wether or not it is cheaper to settle because my reputation and dignity is the most important thing.  Practically admitting that you are guilty of molestation charges is not something that you want over your head if you are trully innocent doesn’t matter how much it costs to prove you are innocent. 

    It really angers me that our  country is like this.  Someone dies and we seem to forget all the bad that  they did when they were alive; we only remember the bit of good.  Of course this gets blown up since he’s michael jackson.  Some of my coworkers said that it was “messed up to not feel bad  or feel glad for his death” my response: “it’s messed up to take advantage of children”…….

    In conclusion: he’s dead, get over it people because the children around him are sleeping safer since he died.

  26. TO ALL THE HATERS OF MICHAEL JACKSON, I dare you to read the transcript of the 1993 child molestation case.  Investigate the tape recording of the accuser’s father.  The father’s name is Chandler.  I dare you to research the second molestation case that occurred around 2005. It may be difficult, but try to be objective.  Though Michael was eccentric and displayed occasional questionable behavior, he was not PROVEN to be a pedophile.  Oh Tom, in response to your cited statements on July 8th, 2009, would you RATHER TAKE MONEY FROM YOUR CHILD’S MOLESTER or WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE HIM ROT IN PRISON FOR HURTING YOUR CHILD?  Do you feel the same hatred for Elvis?  Elvis was in his mid twenties when he married 16-year old Priscilla.  I will continue to pray for the strength and comfort of the Jackson family.  I will resume praying for Michael’s haters.  Their family, particularly his children do not deserve your blatant insensitivity during their time of grief.  I hope you never experience the undeniable devastation of the Jackson family.

  27. Yes Jackson was an entertainer. Maybe in many eyes great. Can’t take that from him. Yes, there wasn’t any charges against him when it comes to child molestation whatever. Though if he was a no name and he lived on your block. We would all be leary and want him moved. Though because he was Michael Jackson people treat him like a God. Like he can do no wrong. That’s where our society is so screwed up.

  28. The whole world is screwed. This guy gets more publicity then Mother Teresa

  29. [...] same Congressman who said, “Michael Jackson was a lowlife, child molester”was a guest on Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor. Rep. Pete King stood by his harsh words [...]

  30. Our good men is dying fighting for our country, andAll the stations can speak of is the real lowlife Michael nJackson How would he have liked someone molesting his children. Lets hear some news worth our time Perhaps someone can stomp on his grave. He is no better than anyone else who  has had drug problems. Jackson, @ family is no better than anyone else and a hell of a lot lower than most.

  31. Its sad that people are sayin thank God hes dead…Umm ok…U know whats funny, even if he didnt do it but didnt accept Jesus he would be in hell…and if he did (which i really doubt) and he accepted jesus he would be in Heaven…Paul use to be a murder of Many Christians…David had Bathsheeba’s husband killed and commit adultry with her… Moses killed an eygptian for beating a slave and hid the body in the sand…I mean people have faults point blank and God forgives no matter how great the sin…God doesnt listen to rumors or tabloids and get his opinions on where he should end up…He looks at the heart of the person and Michaels Heart was not to hurt people, let alone children…Its sad how u hear something enough u start to believe it…Why would a child molestor give so much to the point hes breaking guiness book records to molest kids, Why would he build hospitals up,  find a dyin kid a liver, build beds in a theatre he made so kids with severe illnesses can watch the screen…Its sad that a mans love for kids has been perverted to the point that if he even shows affection or hugs his own kids its considered sexual now…Watching someone so talented die is sad to me, especially under the circumstances…Some congress guy saying he had a lil talent and thats it, not even mentioning the millions he gave and gave…whats the congressman done so righteous that gives him the authority to scold Michael…Saying hes guilty of child molestation when he was considered innocent by the jury on all accounts…One of the kids even came out and said it was lies and his dad pressured him into it…

  32. Fuck you Pete.Michael Jackson never molested anyone!.When he was alive he actually did a lot of chairty work for children.Dont’ give bullshit saying’ o he never helped’ people with cancer or whatever.Please die soon fuckedup Pete!.

  33. It’s sad to see all you people talk about how your glad he’s dead and that he’s a low life. My thing is if he did molest those kids why would they just want money? If the parents believe that he molested their child don’t you think they would want justice? They would want him to go to jail or something NOT MONEY. Oh that’s right, he didn’t do it so that’s why they wanted money instead of justice. It’s funny how now they admitting that they were lying about it. Now I’m not saying  Micheal was perferct or anything. He had his faults to. People need to realize that he was human to. He was a great entertainer. He will be missed. RIP Micheal. Trust when I say that you’re in a better place than this crazy ass world.


  35. Are you fucking kidding me? HELLO!!!!!! JORDAN CHANDLER ADMITTED HE LIED!!!!!!

    Out of all the people to say something like this…. a FUCKING New York Politician!?!? You got to be fucking kidding me. There is more corruption/scandals  in politics than in any other industry!

    Michael Jackson donated more than 300 MILLION dollars to charity, broke down barriers for all races….

    He did SO much more than this fat piece of shit did, or ever will do.

    It’s sad to see how the media can destroy someone’s life.  Before all the ignorant people say he is a molester, look at the facts….

    first off Jordan Chandler came out and say he lied about it…

    second off, if someone is wanting money for their child being molested… then wtf? It’s obvious its bullshit. Yea money to cover court fees is a given, but millions of dollars? Open your fucking eyes.

    Michael was innocent, and for this fat pig to say such distasteful, hateful things about someone who did so much good…. is just heartbreaking.

  36. Just because Michael Jackson wasn’t proven guilty of the charges against him for
    pedophilia and child molestation does NOT mean he didn’t commit those crimes.
    To all of you posting here, all of us (myself included) should be ashamed for bashing
    someone’s name for any reason. God knows the heart of a man and that man will
    pay for his own sins when he dies. Be careful how you judge a man and that 
    you judge a man at all. I am a victim of child molestation and I surely know 
    the horrors of the living hell even until this day as a 42 year old adult.
    When someone admits that he slept in a bed with children and then denies that
    there was no sexual activity going on is a very misleading individual. And if
    you’re not guilty of such things why would you be so low as to make a home 
    made video and put it on the air for the world to see??? I’m sorry but again, 
    God knows and He will judge the man in the mirror.

  37. money is the root of all evil
    and people will go too all extents too get thier greedy hands on it . . .
    no one knows what really happened with michael and the children if sumtin did actually happen . . . i personally belive he didnt do anything
    i personally think he was 2 kind and 2 much of a child 2 do anything like that

  38. This bog is really indicative of our current culture, oh and how very sad it is. Unfortunately, I encountered many pedophiles during my childhood and I can tell you, the only thing they have in common is their sexual deviation, otherwise generally they are just like you or I. So cut the crap about the pedophile’s profile being one way or the other. According to you ignorant pedophiles out there, anyone who loves children, enjoys their company, and wants to do whatever’s in their power to help those whose childhood’s been disrupted either through illness, poverty, having to grow up before they’re ready, etc, must be a pedophile, fact. I’ve read about and watched much on MJ over the years and as somewhat of a specialist on pedophiles I have never, not for one minute believed he was guilty. If you just put some of the energy you spend spewing your venomous accusations on genuinely looking into these allegations, the settlements, the trial and the many other children who were questioned and who experienced the charitable, empathetic, inner child of MJ, you might have a more educated argument, even if you continued to believe in his guilt. Instead you’re just repeating stuff that’s so out of date it’s dinosaur-like. You’ve no clearly thought out argument other than, if you’ve been accused then it must be fact and you must be guilty. In ‘Living with Michael Jackson Take Two’ the man, a relative I think, who called MJ on behalf of the dying Gavin Arviso, to arrange the realization of his dying wish (he had been given 2wks to live), speaks of how the boy, who was by then in remission called him from a gas station phone box crying, “they’re saying that Michael’s been doing things to me and it’s not true”. Regarding the truth about Jordan Chandler is his father was pissed with MJ for not helping him with some script he’d written and so plotted with the boy’s stepfather (who has since admitted this is the case and there are taped recordings of conversations) to swindle MJ out of lots of money. Did you know Jordan Chandler sued his father for abuse, he claimed he had hit him over the head so hard when he was younger that it nearly killed him. Great father. Anyway, you’ll think whatever you want and it’s your prerogative, but remember there were many lawyers and journalists who were on the Arviso’s side before the hearing and in the court at the time of the trial, who upon hearing the testimonies and seeing the evidence became convinced of MJ’s innocence. The out of court settlement with Jordan Chandler was a civil matter and had nothing to do with molestation. It was settled out of civil court by insurers and against MJ’s wishes. The molestation charges, a criminal matter, were never taken to court because they were fabricated. If you consider the amount of money this family could’ve have received if it were true and they’d perused it, not to mention the satisfaction of getting justice for they’re child and putting away a molester, it really makes no sense that they didn’t go ahead with it. What that truly indicates to me is that they were the ones lying. Also MJ’s own decline in health and distinctly low mood even after being found “NOT GUILTY”, is another indication of his innocence because he wasn’t thinking, phew I got away with it. The accusation alone was difficult to come to terms with because it was a million miles from the man he was. Finally, ‘Me thinks thee doest protest too much’, you wouldn’t be so vociferous on this matter because you’re maybe deflecting from some heinous thoughts/behavior of your own, would you??? Hmm….interesting

  39. The majority of people around the world are aware of Michael Jacksons crimes against children and do not respect him as neither an entertainer nor a human being. He gave up that privilege when he fondled childrens genitalia. These truths hurt many of his devoted fans but these fans must both accept and acknowledge their idols crimes if they wish to truly move on. Its not OUR fault that Michael Jackons commited these crimes, so dont hate US for wanting to expose him for one of the worlds most heinous crimes against another human being.
    It is well documented that these children came forward and told authorities that they were each fondled by Michael Jackson on seperate occassions and describing things in vivid detail things that matched in each report
    Im sure that would be reason enough to take what these innocent and beautiful children seriously enough to want to charge Michael Jackson with child molestation.
    Michael Jackson was acquitted and not convicted for his crimes and part of that settlement included a 20 MILLION dollar payola to one or all of the families involved. Thats a hell of a lot of money for one to pay someone to avoid prosecution especially if that person knows they are innocent
    For fans of Michael Jackson to even go so far as to devalue our American Justice System in order to safely blanket themselves from the truth of Michaels child molestation says alot of the weak moral fiber in some people today.

  40. hahaha……(shakes head) Im just going over some of the statements in favor of Michael Jackson and it boggles the mind the logic used to excuse away his pedophilic activities. For example, I read that Elvis Presley was supposed to have committed statuatory rape during his career and that no one came down on him for it. So in other words, you’re saying that if one person got away with a crime then its okay for someone else to get away with it as well? hahahah unbelievable.

    Its the old “if any of you has never committed a sin then cast the first stone” defense. Crime is wrong no matter what perspective you put it in. If Elvis Presley did commit a crime, you can bet many of us would have less respect for him as a human being.

    For those who think this way, you seriously need to rethink your logic.


  42. i totally agree with the congressman yes the justice system found him proved he didnt do anything but all that proves is he was wealthy enough to afford the best lawers, guilty people are found innosent all the time & still hated (or at least not hero-ized) … dunno it thats a word but dnt care either … OJ proved he didnt do anything in court either but did he get hero-ized? of course not cuz he AINT DEAD YET

  43. by the way it isnt just the congressman … before he died most people felt the same way untill he died and the higher ups discover genous ways to make money offa him afterwards ——- (eye no mi speeling suuks, soe sew mee)

  44. It this is true than I would have to agree. None of us really know the truth about the child molesting charges because we werent there. Nobody can say for sure if he is innocent or guilty. Some people feel so sure hes innocent and he very well could be.  I feel that something went down. Things like that dont happen out of the blue. People say he was accused just because he had money but there are so many people with way more money than he had and those people havent ever been accused of molesting children. Also anyone knows that if any other man off the street had little boys in their bed they would be in jail. Why should Jackson be different.  There is way more evidence pointing to guilty rather than innocent in his case. He did have enough money to pay many people to make some of his accusers look like liars  .  There is one boy who changed his story but we dont know why. It could have been that the boy lied in the first place or it could have been that he was offered more money for himself to change his story. Because he was a boy back then his parents most likely kept and spent his money.  We really cant say for sure.  We have to look at all sides.

  45. Are you people fucking retarded? The dumb fuck Jordan Chandler came out 3 days after M.J died and said he lied to extort money from M.J!! Then his dad shot himself cause he knew he lied!! The second time was also a failed attempt at extorting money! You people should try actually looking into this shit before you go accusing people and assume you know what your talking about. Fucking retards. Fuck this goddamn worthless fucking senator. Stupid fuck. There is a reason M.J was found INNOCENT! DUMBASSES!!!

  46. If it looks like a duck & quacks like a duck it’s probably a duck. MJ was a pervert, took advantage of kids becuz he could & used his celebrity to be a pedophile & get away with it  If I see his sick face on TV one more time
    I’m going to puke !!!!  He’s getting his just deserts in H — where all perverts go…..

  47. Having been here before and lost, to be here and win, I’ve got to tell you, winning is really a lot better than losing. Really a lot better.

  48. just to let you know i am not michaels sister janet i just have the same name, anyway, michael was innnocent how can you not see that he love children of all ages and races as god did he was a kind and loving man i would know i went to neverland when i was suffering from menenjitis michael was the most kind of loving man i have ver known he was the farthest thing from a pedofile.

  49. All yawl who dis MJ can fk urselves, U just follow the medias version of events and dont look into the facts. Jordy the cunt is a pussy who wont even come out of hiding, Gavin Da Varzio I hope u die of cancer motherfucker! No one comes close to MJ as an entertainer or humanitarian. If yawl think he molested biys prove it im waiting, theres no proof of any sexual acts. Fuck yawl MJ haters, ur probably Chomo’s urselves and molest ur own kids, fuckin sickos

  50. BTW Pete King, how many cocks did u suck to get ur job? oh that makes u a pedophile u faggot. I take it u bent over a lot of times too to recieve ur job too?? faggot il find u and i will come and molest ur ass faggot!

  51. Pete King, how many cocks u suck to get ur job? how many times u bend over faggot? u chikd molesting faggot, il come molest  ur ass

  52. I’m no MJ fan, never have been. But I think you need to wake up and read! MJ might be weird, but you haven’t noticed most paedophiles are frighteningly normal like yourself, maybe “it takes one to know one”!

    I honestly think you should read 2005 case, not from MJ fans websites or websites that hate MJ but from normal news outlet. Anyone with a brain cell would also come out with not guilty verdict. The family from 2005 have accused TWO other people (BEFORE they knew MJ) of violence and child molestation. I hate it with people say “why young boys lie”! They might be young but people often forget that these boys were 14 YEARS OLD AND 15 YEARS OLD during the trial. Not long ago was I 14 and 15 years old, I am now 16. Anyhow, these BOYS have admitted that they LIED about their OWN FATHER under oath! If they lied about their OWN FATHER! What makes you think they can’t lie about MJ? IN SEPARATE INTERVIEWS WITH A SOCIAL WORKER AND A TEACHER AFTER THE AIRING OF THE BASHIR DOCUMENTARY, GAVIN DENIED HE HAD BEEN MOLESTED BY MR JACKSON. Then they tell the detectives that MJ did abuse them? So which one is it?
    And the 14 years old boy told the cops that he saw MJ put his hand inside his brother underwear, then changed his story and said he saw MJ put his hand on top of his underwear and THEN changes again and says that his bother was wearing trouser! Remember this boy is 14 years old! Please don’t tell me a 14 years old boy can forget about such details?

  53. The boys and their mother also lied again before MJ. In August 1998 the Arvizo family was detained on a shoplifting charge at a J. C. Penney department store in West Covina, California. According to J.C. Penney, Gavin and Star Arvizo were sent out of the store by their father with an armload of stolen clothes, the family was detained and Janet started a “scuffle” with security officers. The shoplifting charge was dropped, but Janet filed a lawsuit for US $ 152,000, saying that when she was detained she was “viciously beaten” by three security officers, one of whom was female.[6] The psychiatrist hired by J. C. Penney to evaluate JANET ARVIZO FOUND HER TO HAVE REHEARSED HER CHILDREN INTO SUPPORTING HER STORY AND TO BE BOTH “DELUSIONAL” AND “DEPRESSED”. IT EMERGED THAT THE BOY, AND HIS YOUNGER BROTHER AND OLDER SISTER, HAD TAKEN ACTING LESSONS AHEAD OF A 2001 LAWSUIT AGAINST US RETAILER JC PENNEY. More than TWO YEARS after the original alleged incident Janet added a further charge that one of the male officers had “sexually fondled” her breasts and pelvis area for “up to seven minutes”. Ultimately the department store settled out of court with the family for US $ 75,000. How can one family get abused by three different people and get paid by two (not MJ)?

    Janet spent $7,000 shopping and dining out at the same time as she alleged Mr Jackson kept her and her family captive. And people need to remember the jury are ALL WHITE and half of them are women who are MOTHERS themselves! Now dipshit, why would any of these ‘mothers’ who have children of their own, would let a ‘paedophile’ go only to molest another child? And please don’t come and reply “oh look at O.J” if so you’re dumber then I thought! Everyone (with a brain cell) knows that O.J verdict WAS racially motivated and his trial was on TV! MJ and Janet’s children had the fairest trial! The trial was not on TV, people from the outside (MJ’s fans, haters and media) didn’t influence the jury because no one knew who they were (apart what gender, race and occupation)! And can people stop using the fact that MJ settle as proof that MJ is guilty!

    how about you wake up and research what your talking about before you try and be clever with your pathetic outbursts.
    there is plenty of information on the net regarding the trial..
    the trial? what trial? i hear you say…
    well hows about i start the ball rolling for you - - the trial in 2005 where michael joseph jackson was found NOT GUILTY on EVERY single count… the trial where janet arvizo and her children were shown to be the disgusting liars that they always were… the trial where janet arvizo walked out with her head covered in shame…
    google it, and while you are searching for FACTS do me a favour and try and find out where janet and her scummy clan have been hiding since 2005… and more to the point, WHY have they kept such a low profile??
    if my child was abused and the abuser was found not guilty, there is no-way i would quietly scuttle off into the unknown to live the rest of my life, i would be shouting screaming and campaining to anyone that will listen FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!

  54. Janet spent $7,000 shopping and dining out at the same time as she alleged Mr Jackson kept her and her family captive. And people need to remember the jury are ALL WHITE and half of them are women who are MOTHERS themselves! Now dipshit, why would any of these ‘mothers’ who have children of their own, would let a ‘paedophile’ go only to molest another child? And please don’t come and reply “oh look at O.J” if so you’re dumber then I thought! Everyone (with a brain cell) knows that O.J verdict WAS racially motivated and his trial was on TV! MJ and Janet’s children had the fairest trial! The trial was not on TV, people from the outside (MJ’s fans, haters and media) didn’t influence the jury because no one knew who they were (apart what gender, race and occupation)! And can people stop using the fact that MJ settle as proof that MJ is guilty!

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  56. Im glad he died. I mean everybody knows he raped all those kids. Now alot of kids are safer.

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