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Mini Mexican Wrestler and Prostitute-Luchador

Alberto and Alejandro Jimenez, two Mexican twin hermanos, known by the names La Parkita and Espectrito II, have been murdered. The two luchadores were found lifeless, lying in the beds in their hotel room in Mexico City.

Los wrestlers entered their room and were in the company of two real prostitutes who belong to the gang, Las Goteras!

The District Attorney’s Office said the mini wrestlers were bictims of a drink spiked with alcohol and eye drops. This is a date rape formula, pero for mini people it is a murder formula! 

The CHIKARA Pro Wrestling Organization made this statement on their website:

“For a few jeers, this Parkita lived in Kennett’s Square, PA. He rarely wrestled after a falling out with AAA over the rights to be the only Parkita (there have been several.) Based on conversations had with him after “Maximum Overdraft,” it is entirely possible that his final match was his sole CHIKARA appearance from August 5, 2007. When or why he returned to Mexico is not known to us at this time.

Wow, this is crazier than Hollyweird!

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  1. I heard about this Coacha!!! I also heard that it’s not the first time this chit has happend! Those Crazie Beeshes Work With Other Loosers to Finish The Job!  I hope they get cought soon! Mexico is corrupt enough! :(

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