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Out to make a buck off of his son’s death, Joe Jackson presented ABC News, these pictures of Michael Jackson’s scab-covered legs reveal the extent of the damage caused by his reported addiction to injected prescription drugs.

The pigmentation of Michael’s skin looks blotchy, a symption of the skin condition vitiligo that the star claimed accounted for his increasingly white complexion.

Dermatologists claim that he had an IV here, and the IV fluid, which may have been acidic fluid, went into his skin, and destroyed the skin. That’s all dead skin that would then make an ulceration underneath that skin.

Ouch, sounds really painful.

14 Responses to “ Shocking Pictures of Michael Jackson’s Needle Wounds! ”

  1. OUCH!

  2. ewww…. drugs are bad

  3. oh wow….

  4. Shame on you Joe

  5. i feel so bad for michael   BUT I STILL LOVE U MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    R.I.P.

  6. Awwww thats so sad if i waz there i woulda treated that for him i feel so bad but its ok hes in a better place r i p michael

  7. I wold have helped you If I could But its too late…………………..!


  9. we all love u Michael, no matter what the media says about you, it does not change what we think or who u really were. rip.

  10. i will miss my big brother he was so nice & he was creative i love him with all my heart & im glad he is with god.RIP my big brother…
    Michael Jackson

  11. so sad the world did not believe him he did have the skin disease his austosy confirmed along with this pic :( rest on my brother rest on we will always love you no matter what the media says or show

  12. the money walls were too high to climb over, too heavy to knock down. that’s actually his real skin. Joe wanted to show the world what happened to his commodity, Joe was his father like dark vader.

  13. mike please dont let this be tru, i hope you outsmarted satanic demon asses  man and your just buying time,.this wouldnt happenned to u if i was there.well no matr where u r,,u still work for da big g,,(god),,so do what u need to do. your not finish yet man. and if you have passed well death means nothing to god soo ur not done yet. u kno what these humans do not.

  14. im still going after them for hurting u mike…my father is comming soon and he will deal with them,,he will deal with them all.!

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