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La Coacha-Snow White-Halloween

La Coacha-Snow White-Halloween costume


La Coacha-Snow White

So, I was Snow White for Halloweeeeeen. It was so fun trying to be a white woman. I went all out. Dyed my hair negro, whore blue contact lenses and white powder. People thought I was wearing a really cool wig, pero my talented hairstylist Yudie Tallman, pinned my hair into a bob. Muy cute, que no? And the costume wouldn’t have been complete w/out my dwarf “Sleezy”. Joo guys like?

17 Responses to “ La Coacha as Snow White ”

  1. soooo adorable =] i <3 it

  2. OH WOW Joou look de part! Watch out Disneyland!

  3. Sooo cute I love the picture where you are looking at the parrott.  The second one is the one with the handsome guy.

  4. So fuckably delicious.

  5. You’re so adorable


    and so angelical (??) ja

    nice disguise!

    sorry for my “inglés”

    Besos desde Uruguay!

  6. I LOVE YOU!!! :)

  7. Oh my dios! Qe hot Coachita!

  8. Oh my dios! Qe hot Coachita!
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  9. You look gorgeous! I love the costume!

  10. que linda!!!

  11. Hot Hot Hot!!!

  12. MMMMAAAMMMMAASSITAAA!!!! Yo quiero una foto contigo.

  13. Oh my gooooosh!
    You look  SOOOOOOOO amazinggggg!I  love your face! : D

  14. te vezzzz re gorgeouss !!!!!
    sube mas videosssss en YT plssss

  15. COACHAAA JOOR YEEENIUS! Perfect costume, adoralble dwarf! Y esa mini –> TOO F****** HOT! Joor da best.. hey I’m still waiting for mi autografo!! Pleaaaaaase, it’s all I’ve been thinking about ebersince! Te amo, don’t forget! MWAH!

  16. Awww! Que Cute!!!!

  17. you look a lot like caro emerald!! i saw her on perezhilton and i was like; COACHAAA!!!
    lolz luv u!!

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