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Kim Kardashian and La Coachala-coacha_and armen soudjian Kim Kardashian laughing

(Photo credit: Renee Cascia, Westfield Culver City)



Here’s my mini movie starring La Princesa Armenia: KIM KARDASHIAN!!!!! Por favor spread the word to all the Armos joo know!!!

Executive Producer: Perez Hilton

Directed & Written by La Coacha

Producer: Sahag Gureghian
Cinematography & Editing by Armen Soudjian
Music by “Aravod” (
Theme song by Saro Koujakian
Additional music by Christoper Bedian 
Flowers by “petals LA”
Hat by “Bijou Van Ness”
Additional footage by Maximo TV
Interview hair & makeup by Judie Tallman
Special thanks to the Gureghian, Dudukjian, Joubran and Ortiz Families
Jivan Gasparyan & Zankou. 

16 Responses to “ La Coacha invades Little Armenia in search of Kim Kardashian!!! ”

  1. Yay I love it !!!!

  2. I love it I love it!!!!

  3. great job  love you coacha

  4. Mission Accomplished :) We love it and you!

  5. awww love you

  6. Coachita! how was estar con she? I wanna conocerlaaa! hahaha!!

    Love you so much
    Responde mys tweets! xD

    Jackie Love

  7. haaaa! I love jew, Coacha!! xD

  8.  I love your energy Coacha. The mini movie was very entertaining from start to finish.

  9. Saw it this morning and was laughing so hard. Its really cute and funny Loving the PiNk PrIncesS dress!!!

  10. LALA-Love it to de max. Joo are too phunny y que cute. Great job La Coacha!

  11. Hilarious! Well done. I love it

  12. Great job mama!


  14. The only problem with that video was Perez….he’s such a bad actor….and he called you “fat”? rofl someone needs to look in the mirror.

  15. LaCoacha, I think this video has made it all over the world into Armenia.  Just discovered you, never heard of you before.  YOu are one crazy woman LOL!
    I thought at first you were another Armenian punking Kim.  You did a good job very funny!
    Love your website!

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