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La Coacha-Snow White-Halloween costume


It was a Freak Chow at the WeHo Halloween Festibal, and that’s what always makes a great Gaaaaaywalking! Can’t wait until this becomes a segment on TB!!!

Executive Producer: Perez Hilton
Cinematography & Editing: Armen Soudjian
Original music by Christopher Bedian
La Coacha Theme Song by Saro Koujakian
“My Penis” by Perez Hilton
Hair and Makeup by Judie Tallman
Special Thanks to Ruth Ortiz and Sevag Demirjian

7 Responses to “ New Gaywalking (HalloQueenie Edition) ”

  1. Bravisimo! Joo did  muy xcellento job chica! Lookin’ forward to de next bideo!

  2. Mija- I can’t wait until you are TB!!!!! As a fellow Mexicana in “Glossywood”,  I hope I can interview JOO one day. ORALE!

  3. lolgasmiccccccc…. i loved it…
    coachitaa de mi corazon your videos are better than nigaha, smosh, fred and all that bullshit you rock on YT..

  4. fantastico!!!!
    I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

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  6. Aye La Cocha,  eras mi hero<3   Joo make me laugh so hard it makes my shest hurt!

  7. What’s the beat at 1:36  .. I LOOOOVEE  UU :D !!! UR SO FUNNY !!

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