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This is why I HATE Aries men!!!

Patrón decided to fire me ober someteeng that was NOT my fault!!! I had to work for both Los Ey-M-Eyz and Perez TV. It was a circus there, so it was impossible for me to hop on the red carpet, and hop off the red carpet. The security there were 10 times scarier than the juans at the airport.

Good luck finding an entertaining reporter como Coacha!!!!!

Black Eyed Peas, here I come!!

30 Responses to “ Perez Hilton fires La Coacha!!! ”

  1. omg noooo… :[

  2. The albino fired you?? lets send him to Africa

  3. hahahahah I love it

  4. Your the best! you dont need him!!

  5. I’m sorry to hear that. That sucks, being fired for something that wasn’t your fault.

    But what do you mean “Black Eyed Peas, here I come”? Are you going to make people work for your lovely lady lumps? ;)

  6. nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  7. noo :((( he can’t do that to you!! to us!!! :(

  8. Noooo! Bring her back!!! :(

  9. Really?? noooooo

  10. Mija! You don’t need him! He’s losing his sparkle ever since he only started talking about Gaga and saying everything is inspired by Gaga.
    His blog is basically Lady Gaga’s obsessed fan site.
    I love Gaga too but its getting boring and he’s making her overexposed.
    You’ll be fine without him.

  11. Save La Coacha!

  12. i hate aries albinos!

  13. lacoacha is great I love her….get her azz back

  14. Fuck Perez! haha
    The Peas are better :-D go work as a reporter on dipdive!

  15. NOOOO Perezzitoooo, she ezz jost estarting… i bet joo jad bad deis laik that juen joo estarted!!
    LaCoacha: joo jad me at “holaaaa”…..güi looooove  joo  jier in Mejico!!!

  16. Honey, that is terrible! Divina, hermosa, preciosa, corazón de mi alma, don’t let it get you! It was a just a terrible mistake! Not your fault! If you’re still interested in that hoebag go talk to him, and if he doesn’t wants to listen to you, it just means that something even BIGGER and BETTER is coming to you! To your career :D

    Mija, your adorable, funny and sexy! Don’t worry, just… make a mense or move on :)

    I love jooooooooooooooooo (L)

  17. mario can suck it


  19. Coacha you fiiineeeeeee!!!

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  21. Coacha you are getting so much Love in this comments.  Sebastian is ready to have a heart attack.  He is devastated you are going through so much pain.

  22. Perez is a jealous, evil dude who builds people up just to bring them DOWN. Of course he fired u, u were getting too popular. Insecure, stiflng, miserable, fat, revolting, desperate kiddie chaser. Ur better off! Perez, go get a face transplant and maybe someone will f*ck u without vomitting all over your back! K? Ciao!

    this is really sad, i love you, but i think perez it’s awesome too..
    you two have to work together!!!
    aniway my best wishes to u coahis

  24. No Chingues Coacha!! did he really fire your hot ass?! Big Mistake if he did!!

  25. OMG¡¡ Coachita¡¡ But… why???   I always saw Perez like a fat and unbearable pig who needs attention for breathe… but that was too much¡¡¡

    You gave him a refreshing look… he will pay it…


  26. I am, krazykukita! :(

  27. Who needs that huevon anyway?  De acuerdo, Aries people are demented.  Never work for or with them!

  28. Hey Coacha! get back to work how long must we wait until te dan las ganas to work!! hard it is to make a cideo for your fans!!! Come on this a recession not recess.

  29. Hey Coacha! get back to work how long must we wait until te dan las ganas to work!! hard it is to make a cideo for your fans!!! Come on this a recession not recess.

  30. hahahahahahaha, play with shit and you are bound to get dirty with shit.

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