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Perez Hilton Book Signing- La Coacha

Patron is promoting his new chismelicious book, True Bloggywood Stories: The Glamorous Life of Beating, Sheating, and Oberdosing”.  

Get joor pitcher taken con La Queena and blog about it! 

Do some chopping! The first 50 People who buy the book from Kitson on Saturday will win a $50 Kitson Tote!  

Is from 2:00 pm-4:00 pm, pero get there early.  

Kitson is located on 115 S. Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, MX 90048

I need to make my hair look like a waterfall for a Quinceañera I’m attending, so I won’t be there. 

Pero, I will be there in spirit becoz it was at THIS Kitson where I fought with a papa-papa-razzi!!! REMEMBER????

13 Responses to “ Perez Hilton Book Signing this Saturday at Kitson!!! ”

  1. OMG! Coacha, you should have kicked that bitch’s ass for being racist.

  2. What a stupid ass! Congrats La Coacha. Love joo

  3. Mija!!!!   que cabrona La gorda.

  4. OMG clear example of white trash. And they wonder why soooo many people hate them? You go Coacha! Viva Tijuana! De que colonia eres? Salu2

  5. Pinche Gorda Puta ! Viva La Coacha !

  6. ay coachaa you are promoting perez? but didnt he fire you?

  7. Caro, I don’t think La Coacha got fired. I think Perez was joking around with that AMA video, and people believed it. 

  8. Is she vegetarian??? wtf!!
    she must eat like a 2 tons of lettuce maybe…
    go coacha!
    te amo mijaaaaaaaa

  9. LOL I dunno you were that girl in the video I watched it for the first time like 2 years ago and yo pienso que no deberias de haber gritado Viva La Front jaja porque no era 16 de septiembre o cinco de mayo but that fat cracker was a racist so it was the right thing to do ponerla en su lugar pinche gorda horrible did u see her face at the beginning of the video, utterly disgusting haha

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  12. ‘What the hell was her problem?! you had a job to do and i’m sure it took alot for you not to kick her ass. I wish Perez came out and told that bitch off like he did to the chicks from the bad girls club reunion! lol ugh! this mad me angry! anyway you go girl!

  13. Te amo Coachita, y q bueno que te “pendejeaste” a esa gorda gringa racista.

    Besos y abrazos desde Sonora, México!!!!

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