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Joo know what time it is? Capricorn Time, Cappy, Cappy Time!!

Ladies, El Capricorn is the guy joo take home to mami!!! Come on, Jesús de Nazaret was a Cappy!!! Anyways, here are some teeps to getting that Cappy for all joo Mary Magdalenes!!

1. The Capricorn man is a bery ambitious and work-orientatal man. His work is really important to him and he measures his self-worth against his career. If joo work weed him, let him see joo working late and coming in early. He will get soooo turned on! 

2. Unlike the Aries man,  the Capricorn man likes a psychologically stable woman. If they find out that joo are a bit loopy, they will try to run to the border. They need to know they can trust joo weed their mind and body before sexual intimacy can happen. The Capricorn man is wise enough to know not to marry a psycho beesh, so that his shildren won’t be psycho beeshes too. He’s smart enough to think about consequences, again unlike the Aries man. 

3. Be direct when trying to seduce a Capricorn sign. They do not enjoy the focked up games that Birgo men like. They like to be seduced in a direct manner and have eberything up front, como Tiger Wood’s text messages!!

4. They are not big fans of PDA.  Caps are classy and they will kiss joor sheek and hold joor hand in public. Plan a seduction at la casa. If joo have roommates, kick them out for a night!! Capricorns like privacy and being at home is one of the best ways they can be seduced. Pero, they are SECRET WHORES!!!!!! A man on the street and a freak in the bed, aka Tiger Woods!

5. The Capricorn man is a traditionalist and likes to feel like he’s in sharge. Let him think he is.

6. Most importantly, DO NOT insult joor Capricorn for working too hard or having big dreams. That is what makes them soooo special =)

8 Responses to “ Do’s & Don’ts of Seduction con un Capricorn! ”

  1. coacha i love jew!! please post on some gemini guys !!!!!!

  2. hahahahah please dont bring home Tiger Woods  the latinos name him today the King of love!!!

  3. Hahaha this was great!
    i’m a Capricorn man and this is prettyyyy true lol
    <3 la coacha

  4. Hmmm.. does this apply to women too? I´m a capricorn and most are true for me.

  5. Ay Coacha, tu post made my day! Yo soy piscis, if joo can say somtin about us it’d be ozom! :D Joor da best!

  6. Coacha  I am Piscis, joo should do one on a Pisces guy =]

  7. That’s so tru, I’m a capricorn! Love joo!

  8. I just saw u on Gossip Queens & it turned me 2 yr site.  Very NIIIce!  bdw – u discribe me 2 a T. I just finished working late @ home after I worked 12 hrs at d office, including d  secret whoooah! lmao… very impressive.  Good luck –Keep it up!!!

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