Posted by: La Coacha on Thursday, January 28th, 2010 to Música, Project Run-Away

La Coacha as Lady Gaga (Kermit the Frog)La Coacha as Lady Gaga

Oye monsters!!! Are joo ready for diz chit??? The bideo is gonna be out either toonight or tomorrow morn!!! Stay toon!!

8 Responses to “ Sneaky Peaky of Lady Lala as Lady Gaga! ”

  1. You look gorgeous as a white woman, lol! Can’t wait to see the video, chica! 

  2. Gooooo Coacha! Looking hot like Mexico!!!

  3. bahahahahahahhaha! oy jesus.  coacha you look so good as gaga.  Jew shood be a blond.

  4. Can’t wait for see that¡¡ Go Coacha¡

  5. Brilliant as always gorgeousa!!!  I can’t wait to see the bideo!

  6. I want the video noww, omg you’re gaga’s sister!

  7. HAAAAAAAHAJAA dat’s just khillarious Coacha, joor always coming up weed somesing great! hahaha, joo ROCK!!!!!

  8. i cant wait im sure im gonna love it

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