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valentines-day-movie-poster- is hosting a película promotion.  The moobie is about a group of Los Angelinos as they find their way through the holiday of AMOR! 

Directed by Perdy Woman’s Garry Marshall, the film stars probably like ebery single actor in Hollywood, both good and bad como: La Yessica Alba, El George Lopez, Yustin Timberlake’s girlfren, Ashton Kootchy , Taylor Lautner y his ex-girlfren, Yulia Roberts y her niece, & etc…

Coacha got passes to adbance screenings in Nueva York, El Lay  y Miami. I can offer 2 winners for Nueva York y Los Angeles and a total of 5 winners for Miami. Eash will win two admit-1 tickets!  Meaning, joo can take a date weed joo!!! 

All I need joo guys to do is leabe a comment and tell me what was THE WORST Balentine’s joo eber had!! Por favor ron lie to me, or else the jooniberse is gonna get mad and bring bad karma to joo on Balentine’s Day! Also, leabe joor name and what city joo are from!! 

Contest ends on Sunday. 

¡Buena Suerte! 

46 Responses to “ Enter for a chance to win tickets for “Valentine’s Day!” ”

  1. I don’t think I ever had a Valentine’s. Plus I don’t think I need one. I just one tickets to go with my friends and have a great time. My friends will always be my best Valentine’s dates.

    Thank you,

    Anthony J.

  2. I would have to say EVERY Valentine’s Day has been the worst for me Coachita cuz I neber get a sexy date and I have to see all the lobers everywhere getting presents and keeses!! =(

  3. The worst Valentines day I’ve ever had, was when I found out my ex-boyfriend took my really good friend out on a date for Valentines day.  I was sad until my mom and sister made Margarita’s and I invited all my single ladies/and men over and had a fiesta!  My heart stopped hurting, but my head started hurting the next morning!

  4. My worst “Balentine’s” I ever had was when my boyfriend called me from the police office. He cancelled our plans because he somehow got arrested. -_-

  5. La Coacha! 

        How are joo? I have to say. The worst Valentines Day I’ve had was in 7th grade. We always gave out sorta mystery valentines notes through a third party. I wasn’t very liked I barely had friends. So, I didn’t want to be embarrased. So, I went out bought some flowers, bears and a card and I noted them to myself and then at the secret valentine thing at school.. I sent myself 4 different mystery cards.. The whole class thought I was liked by someone and the rest of the year I pretended to have  a secret admirer leaving myself notes in my locker and random things. Thank god my parents never caught on.

        I live in Atlanta, Georgia. Traveling to and from Miami, Florida from time to time. Thanks so much. I hope people don’t recognize me….

  6. the time when i asked a boy out and he said no, i cried for a while and then realised i missed the bus, so i had to wait for 2 hours. and the boy didn’t talk to me since then.

  7. aye dios mio! I want one for Miami por favor!!!!

  8. the worst valentines date was, my date got mono from being  a slut back in high school kissing too many hoes and trying to bring all that back to me. LOL, I’m going strong with my three year relationship!
    I hope I win!
    Love Bert.

  9. the worst valentines day i ever had was when i was six years old. i thought my mom and dad were going to go to dinner on a date last night, but they both didn’t get ready. Then finally when dinner time came around i asked my mom, “why aren’t you and dad going out for valentine’s day.” She started crying which made me cry. Then she sat down my brother, sister and I and told us that she and my father were getting a DIVORCE! que triste! my brother, sister and I cried all night long and my dad left because he had a date with ANOTHER WOMEN!!! My mom was hysterical all night and we just stayed in bed.

  10. Coacha…joo are lo MAXIMO!
    güorst Balentine?
    well, when I was in preparatoria there was this jiuch party and I wanted to wear the mejor outfit of the fiesta! so, in that time (late 90′s) temporary jair colour spray was very Kul, so I wore a very cursi white outfit and I wanted to hab my hair ROJO, so some minutos before I left home, I used the spray all over mi cabeza and left.  It looked amazing! but leiter on, when I was bailando and trying to impresionar a everyone, I started to sweat, so, the color started to run into my neck, shoulders and de rest of  ropa!! (on my back) from Balentine’s outfit, it turned into a Jalogüin outfit in a segundo!! everybody thought that was my cabeza was bleeding and todos estarted to preocupar and señalarme! it was terrible! they even called an ambulancia and it took me a while to realize! it was sooo embarassing that I had to leave like a bleeding Cenicienta!! horrible!! worst EBER!!

  11. Hi Coacha!
    You asked us to be honest, so I will. I did not pass any bad Valentine’s Days, but I have another experience which I want to share with you. Before the Summer of 2009 I received a message of a boy on Facebook, which is from the same village as my dad is, so we started chatting. After a while I asked my mom if she knew this boy and she told me that when we were little, we played together and that we even have pictured together. I was very happy to hear this, because I was really liking this boy. I don’t know if it was the universe who sensed this, because a few days later I received a letter of the Italian government, which invited me to com over at the Town Hall to vote for the elections. This was my opportunity to go to Italy and (re)meet Massimo. I had been there for 5 days, and I lived the most wonderful 5 days of my life, being with him. Beach, sleeping under the stars and we held hands every time we were together. After these five days I had to go back to Holland again, we cried a lot when we had to say goodbye. We stayed in contact though.
    When I heard there was the opportunity to work at a hotel, I directly grabbed this opportunity and guess what, I got the opportunity to spend the summer with him. We decided that we want to have a serious relationship and since the 17th of July we are boyfriend and boyfriend. To keep a long story short, Now I am studying in Brighton, UK, and my boyfriend lives with me (I am so happy we are still together). We are both struggling very hard with our money, because we do not have any work (because there is simply no work over here).
    I really want to do something special for him with Valentine’s Day, but I think it will not be possible, because I do not have any money for it. The free tickets though, are THE opportunity to make it the most-wonderful, unforgettable Valentine’s Day in my life, with the man I want to share my life with.
    Besides that, you are going to be there, and I would LOOOOOVE to meet you! ;)
    You can always ask me more about the story, because there is still a lot to tell, but I hope this is enough to wake your interest in me and encourage you to choose me to be the winner in the contest.

    Gian Battista Marci
    Brighton, UK

  12. el mas funny so far is A montiel. except it gets kinda mentiroso-ish wit the ambulancia and not noticing. ive neva had a novio so no valentines day so the worst valentines has been seeing eberyone going on dates and wanting the day to juuss go away lol… this jeer im going to see la Mariah Carey tho soooo hollaz!!!!!! lol jooo should give my el lay amigo some tix tho, hes had a f-ed up past jeer…
    anyways, hope you go on a balentines date with joor trainer guy lol…. luvz ya and post a bullitin to see who won! :-)

  13. seriously? is that a joke? i had never heard of that

  14. hola cocha…

    i dont think ive eber had a a real balentines day till this coming jear, i would like to get tickets for this premier.

    Los Angels

  15. Never had a valentine. Every year I look forward to the care package my mom sends me

  16. this isnt really a vaslentines story but it leads up to a valentines story lol. i was in a quinceniera of my friends and i was with a guy at the time who i was all crazy for and so i wanted to show him how i cared about him by buying him a ring. i bought it and tried to be romantic about it and took him away to the hallway where i took it out and gave it to him…but sadly he took it and said that it would never mean anything to him and that it was just a ring. so that happens when im like 15 prolly 1 year later. he asks to be my valentine but “as friends” and so we go out and watch a movie and hang out and he gives me a gift and tells me to open it and i saw a box at the bottom thats shaped like a ring box but didnt wanna get it out so i just took out the picture frame that said “i <3 u” and i was like awwww thank you! and he was like “theres more” and i was just thinking “oh crap!” so i took the box out. opened it and surely enough there was a ring! so looking at it pretty much brought back the memory of when i gave him a ring when we were “in love” and it got me angry, but i didnt show it. i just put it on and said “oooh it fits” and we left it at that lol its prolly not the WORST valentines story ever but its the only one ive actually had =]

  17. My boyfriend broke up with me & got back with his baby’s mama but didn’t tell me. I found out by going to his house and saw her there :( -sad, but I think I win! right?

  18. Last year the high school I go to sold carnations, during the lunch periods. After I bought one, I went to my crush, got on one knee, and gave it to her. It brought a lot of attention, people were taking pictures and videos, after I gave it to her, She said “Thanks but no thanks” and people had that all over their phones.
    Paul A.
    New York.

  19. Re: mac alexis doza
    oh, i see joor point!! I re-read my post and I yost realized dat it sounded that I didn’t notice that there was an ambulancia!! nooo, what I meant is dat I didn’t notice that I was “bleeding” porque it was running on my back and that it took me a while to understand. As a matter of fact, I nunca saw an ambulance, the mamá of one of my friends told me that ella called the ambulancia ’cause she is loca and she was güorried about me. Sorry if it seemed mentiroso-ish!
    suerte con la Carey! she is such a hot TAMALE!

  20. pues my ex boyfriend that i was dating for 2 years dumped me on valentines day!! and i was soo mad and upset…

    and 2 weeks later we was trying to get back with me telling me that he loved me

    and i said shut the f*** up pendejo i dont want you anymore

    yo soy chingona huh


  22. Worst Valentine’s Day… This is a true story!
    It was in grade 4, and my class was having a Valentine’s Day party. Me and 5 other people were sitting on a foldable table, with me at the end. The others were older, and heavier, than me. All of a sudden, the table broke and fell on my side, with my ankle catching underneath it. Everyone’s weight and the table’s weight fell on my ankle. I couldn’t walk. I had to be carried down to the office, call my mom (crying) and get her to come pick me up. A couple hours later was my cousins birthday party at the movies and I had to go attempting to hop. I was ‘walking’ too slow, so my uncle decided to pick me up and carry me through the entire mall and through the busy food court in front of everyone. I felt so embarrased. He carried me into the birthday party room full of my cousin and his older friends. I felt mortified. Many X-Rays and Doctor visits were followed :(
    Anyways, that was my terrible Valentine’s Day experience! It’s why I don’t like the holiday too much Lol

  23. mi worst balentine? la coacha darling, i neber had a balentine!

    will u be mine?

    joshua alexander
    new york

  24. When I was 19 years old, I was supposed to have Valentine’s with an ex-boyfriend. We were trying to give it one more chance. When he called me, he got another call, put me on hold…Then had the nerve to tell me that the girl he just broke up with is in the hospital because of a bladder infection he gave her. I was so insulted that he would even mention this to me! My brother and dad felt so sorry for me that they bought me red roses, making me feel like an even bigger loser, lol. That same day, I went to my class in Glendale College, and was approached by  “Eccentric” (from American Idol). And yes, he was quite “eccentric”. He told me how beautiful I was, and then told me to wait for him after class? After class, I went outside to see Mardik aka “Eccentric” with a bouquet of red roses. The poor guy took the bus to go buy me these flowers. It was thoughtful coming from a stranger and all…Probably the most interesting Valentine’s of all…

  25. i have NEVER in my life had a valentines :( I always spend it alone watching romantic comedies, eating food and holding back tears. but if i win…i could do that in public with other people who are just lie me :)

  26. Well honestlly the worst valentines I’m goign to have is this one My  boifriend got locked up in jail yesterday. And i’m probably going to have to see him behind glass on valentines day.

  27. every valentine’s day was equally terrible because i’ve been single for each one.

  28. My first boyfriend cheated on me on Valentine’s Day, and gave this other girl a ton of presents and gave me nothing! :-( When the teachers found out…they gave him detention! :-)

  29. Worst valentines day was last year. I went to a movie and lunch, and at the end of the date he got of my car to walk in his house and all he gave me was a hug! I thought the date was pretty good, but I guess he didn’t think the same.

  30. Ay amor, where do I begin?
    Last year I got my first boyfriend ever, he was great, we were dating for 8 months and it was going to be out first v-day.  He had been telling me how he wanted to meet my family since i had already met his, so for V-day i made reservations for my family ( who flew in for this dinner) and me and my boyfriend to all get together and enjoy this holiday that promotes love and friendship together. We were in the middle of our dinner and out of no where this girl threw something at my boyfriend. Well long story short, it turned out to be his wife. The first guy i introduce to my parents turned out to be a BI married man.

    Needless to say, that this v-day i would just love to go to the movies with my best friend ( since were both single) and spend this holiday of love and friendship together. Then go to the bar and pick up some men, Its not v-day unless i get my man kitty punched <3
    Tucson Az

  31. hey coacha!
    the worst balentines day i ever had….has to be every single balentines day EVER! becuz ive never had that special somebody to be my balentine….but im sure if you give me these tix i can get someone to go with me lol
    (New York City)

  32. Hey Coacha!!
    just want to say I love you and your work so much!

    The worst thing that has happened to me in Valentines is that I have never celebrated it with anyone…soledad is the only one for me.  : (

    Anyways, you are awesome!

    Sacramento, ca
    Truthfully, if I were to win, I would just go with my sister, although, she would love to watch this movie.

  33. i havent had a valentine for 3 years. the worst valentine i can recall involved a guy who didnt have the guts to give me his present.. instead he gave it for his best friend to give me -__-

  34. I left LA because of the LAME MEN That stand joo up or don’t call. I’m in CLEVELAND now so I won’t get tix either. Wah!

  35. Queens, NY *

  36. La Coacha,

    Ets mi! Jour twitters and phasebook buddy! I will khave to say mi worst Balentine’s day ever will be dees one in 2010! Joo know why? Still no Perezzie! Last years I ate Chinese alone in mi alcoba. Khow sad! I know joo will answer mi prayers!


  37. Hola La Coachita! haha

    Just wanted to say ur a chistosa Mexicana! Y veo todos tu videos! ok My worst Valentine is EVERY valentine  Day, porque I dont have anyone! But sometimes guys ask me to be their valentine and i dont want to yes to them becuz im gay, and they dont know that. Im not ready to tell people yet. but one day i will. I do like this girl but shes from boston & im from miami.. we do like eachother but it wont workout cuz of distance.  =( If she was here i wuld ask her to be my valentine.
    so thats pretty much it… I wuld like to see this movie it looks funny. haha good actors in them. =]
    I love you Coachita!!! <333
    Miami, Fl.

  38. Hola Fabulosa!!
    La worst Balentines day i ever had was…
    One year I let me friend set me up on a blind date for the big V-day.  After getting guapa I waited… and waited… and waited.  He never showed up!  Cabrón! I went out to the club anyways, cause I was looking to good to sit at home!!!
    New York

  39. How come joo fockers are not telling me what city joo are from??? I need to know by toonight!

  40. I’m from shikago… anyways A Montiel, ok. gotcha… sometimes when i get my rag i cant feel it running down my piernas lmao j.k  myspace me or facebook me “mac alexis doza”  i juan to c wat jew look like… lol

  41. P.S: My amigo libes in Los angeles, mexico lol

  42. Last Valentines day, I was “dating” someone but we weren’t in a relationship….and he never even mentioned vday or took me out….I couldn’t say anything either because we weren’t techniquly together :(

  43. Oh, I’m in El Lay btw

  44. pues my ex boyfriend that i was dating for 2 years dumped me on valentines day!! and i was soo mad and upset…
    and 2 weeks later we was trying to get back with me telling me that he loved me
    and i said shut the f*** up pendejo i dont want you anymore
    yo soy chingona huh

    and im from sylmar CA!!

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