Posted by: La Coacha on Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 to ¡Qué Cute!


For those of joo who stalk me on Phasebook, joo will see a woman by the name of “Ruth Ortiz” that spams the chit out of my wall. Cheese my “Tia Kuka”, my auntie. Mi familia is in TJ, so Kuka and her clan take care of me. Sheck, sheck, sheck it out!

8 Responses to “ Meet Tia Kuka! ”

  1. awww tia kuka!! cheese is so adoralble! joo are lucky coacha!! for habe a tia like tia kuka!!

  2. awesome! I wish I had a Tia Kuka!!

  3. hahahahah love her

  4. Tia KuKA is Awsome ! Cant wait to more Video Blogs ! and Its true You make many People very happy . bring smile to our faces

  5. Coacha Tia Kuka loves you so much!!!! I wish I had an aunt like her.

  6. I want another video with both of you.  My family love you two.

  7. luv tia Kuka.

  8. Tia kuka me tienes que enseñar el baile del frijolito para que lo pueda bust out en los antros!  Coacha estas muy buena como siempre! ;)

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