Posted by: La Coacha on Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 to Smack the Piñata


La Oprah is gibbing away teebee chows to unknown people. “Moderators” told me that my bideo got banned from the contest because ay was promoting my own internet chow, wish biolates their self-promotional rool, pero their rool said that I couldn’t gib a webside, not a NAME that ay own! Not fair!

After being a big belieber of El Secret, ay am disappointed that ay got discriminated against. La Coaprah chow would hab been the biggest hit on teebee!

10 Responses to “ La Coacha’s Audition Tape gets BANNED from Oprah contest! ”

  1. why dont u sue?

  2. [...] Lee mas en: Chisme Time [...]

  3. Bad Bad Oprah !!!
    Dont worry coacha you are a True Estrella!! and you are going to make it big with or without oprah’s help!!
    Keep doing what you know best: make people laugh & happy :D
    We love you coacha!!

  4. Bitch, you keep getting funnier and funnier.
    Also, the colour adjustment in bideo was tres glamour. xo

  5. Amazing! I hate Oprah.

  6. Pero, you should re-do your tape and take out the Chisme Time then. Everyting else is Purfect

  7. They don’t know what they’re missing. PERIOD.

  8. That’s not fair! I would love to watch your daily show on TV, and if yours and Oprah’s show would be at the same time on TV, I would definitely choose yours!

  9. I agree w/GaGaLupe – edit the video & resubmit. You’re too good to not be considered for this.

  10. Bravo or E is where you should look to get you show.If E can have Holly’s World and Kendra and that other#**#!!…Then i would say…Why the hell not La Coacha!!xxx

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