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As many of you know, this is an election year and since it is not a presidential election we tend to not care so much about it. But if you are a Latino in the United States and happen to live in New Mexico, Nevada and Florida these races can be very electrifying. There are three races that should get all Latinos in the United States excited. Three elections in states with a high number of Latinos have three Latino candidates running for Governor and Senator.


Susana Martinez is the first Hispanic female nominated as a candidate of a major party in the United States for Governor. She’s currently the District Attorney for Dona Ana County in New Mexico which is the second largest county in the state. She will facing Diane Denish, who is currently the Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico.

Brian Sandoval

In neighboring Nevada, former Attorney General and US District Court Judge, Brian Sandoval is also running for Governor of Nevada. If he wins the election in November, he would become the first Latino Governor of the State of Nevada. His opponent is Rory Reid, Chairman of the Clark County Commission and son of Nevada Senator Harry Reid.


Perhaps the most popular out of these three candidates would be the Cuban-American sensation from Florida. Marco Rubio was the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the Florida Legislature. He is running for Senator in a three way race against Congressman Kendrick Meek and Governor Charlie Crist. Marco Rubio has been a national sensation because many have called him “The Hispanic Obama”. Some speculate that he may even be considered a running mate for the Republican Presidential candidate in 2012.

Besides all of these candidates being Hispanic, they are also relatively young. All of them are under the age of fifty, Marco Rubio is the youngest at 39 and he is also the youngest out of all the candidates running for Senator in Florida.

Since they are politicians they will not win unconditional support from all Latinos in those states. But whether you support them or not, Hispanics across the United States should be proud that these positions of prestige could be filled by people with surnames such as Sandoval, Martinez and Rubio.

If it’s from Hollywood, It’s gossip. If it’s from Washington, it’s news.

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